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Every week Myron Rolle will write a weekly blog on his thoughts on practice, recap of games, etc.

Week one of preseason practice ended yesterday. The heat was overwhelming at times this week, but our trainers do a great job of hydrating us and preparing us physically for the weather. Our off-season program with Coach Stroud and Coach Meyer also has helped. We are in better shape this year. Usually people falter in this kind of heat, but we have stayed strong and I think that is a testament to the said people.

I feel our team in general has made improvements each day. The offense is working hard on their sets. The receivers run crisp routes and the quarterbacks hit them on the dime. The running backs find the holes and accelerate through those holes at full speed. They are fun to play against.

Of course I have to save the defense for last. We are ready. Coach Andrews and Coach Amato challenge us every day to get better – to improve upon a weak spot in your game. I know I want to become a more complete safety. I was really good against the run last year and decent versus the pass (whenever the ball came my way), but I would like to change the game this year with more interceptions. I work on my leverage and taking a slow back peddle in man coverage. These are areas of my game that I did not concentrate much on last year.

Lastly, my heart goes out to Bert Reed and his family as he lost a loved one recently. Keep him in your prayers.

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