Deion Walker Update

Noledigest was able to catch up with Deion Walker, one of the top wide receivers in the country this year. Walker discusses FSU, the Penn State rumors, and USC recruiting him as a defensive back. Read on for more.

How were your visits this summer?

DW: They went pretty well. FSU, Michigan, N.C. State, Florida, Notre Dame, Nebraska and some others. I saw a lot of schools. Each visit went well for me. I saw a lot I liked about each.

Any schools stick out to you during your visit?

DW: Nebraska, because of the way their coaching staff coaches players. Bill Callahan is an upbeat coach. LSU stood out to me because of the environment there and the fact that they have had recent receivers going to the pros. At Florida I had a good time and I saw a lot of good things. And course there is FSU.

Can you talk about your visit to FSU?

DW: I went pretty well. I saw a lot of different things. I saw what the coaches like to do. I saw a lot of good things there. Coach Fisher and I talked about the offense and stuff, and he said I can line up outside and in the slot. He said I am a perfect fit for his offense because I run pretty well and I can stretch the field when needed.

What about FSU has kept them in it for you?

DW: I liked them growing up. I love the environment there. I like the plans for the offense. It really seems like a great place to go. FSU is definitely in it.

Is Jimbo Fisher the only coach you hear from?

DW: I hear from Fisher and Lilly. I have a good relationship with them. Lilly used to text me all the time. Since the ban started I really haven't heard that much from them or any other coaches. I have been working out since then.

When do you plan on trimming your list?

DW: I am actually going to be doing that this week sometime. I am going to be in North Carolina visiting some friends before school starts, so I should have it done then.

Throughout the process you have been in contact with Brice Butler. Does his decision to go to USC have an impact on you?

DW: Not so much. We used to talk a lot before he announced. I knew where he was going. We talked about how USC used 2 receiver sets. I haven't been there yet, so I don't know what it's like there. He has been busy, so I haven't heard much from him. In the end hi is not going to make much of a difference in my decision.

There are a lot of internet rumors going around that you are a heavy lean or a silent to Penn State. Is that the case?

DW: I had a good time at my visit there. I saw a lot of great things there. Their wideouts have done some good things and the environment is nice. But no, I am not and I have not are don't plan on committing to Penn State or any other school at this time. I really haven't even spoken to their coaches in a while. But, I do like them.

What about the rumors that USC wants you as a corner?

DW: As far as I know, they are looking at me as a receiver. Most of the schools I have offers from that want me as a defensive back are from the SEC and a few ACC schools. I have never spoken to the defensive backs coach at USC.

Have you made any plans for visits yet?

DW: I have a couple planned. I know FSU, USC and Penn State will get one. The other two it just depends on what I am feeling at the time. The Penn State visit is already planned.

Do you still want to decide early?

DW: I want to commit in October, but it depends on the officials and all of that. I made the decision that I want to be an early enrollee. That depends on my school and if they will allow it. I really want to do it, though.

Do you still speak to some recruits?


DW: I speak to Brice every now and again. I speak to Blaine Gabbert, Jonus Gray and Will Compton who committed to Nebraska. I speak to Jimmy Clausen and Dayne Crist. As far as E.J. Manuel, it is more than just football. I am closer to him than all of the other guys.

What are your team and personal goals going into your senior year?


DW: My team goals are that I want to go back to the state championship game again. We have a good team this year and a real good chance. Personally I would like to get 12-14 TDs on offense. I am getting moved to safety this year, so I won't get the chance to see the ball like I did when I was a corner. I do get a chance to lay some good hits on some people. I am aiming for 9-10 interceptions. Last year I had 8, so I think I can do it. I also want to continue to work hard and improve, and I want to get to 190 pounds going into college.

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