Hudson is special

Rodney Hudson is one of the pleasant surprises of this preseason. Find out what makes Hudson so special as a freshman.

After observing practice over the past couple of weeks the offensive lineman that stands out with his tough demeanor is Rodney Hudson. Hudson only arrived a month ago but is having no trouble adapting to college life. Hudson speaks on his experience so far ""Good. I'm just trying to adjust to the field and get the playbook down. The one little adjustment I had to make was the speed of the game. The tackles are quick in there." Since Coach Trickett's arrival the biggest difference in the offensive line play has been their toughness. The offensive line does not back down from the defensive challenges as from years past. "It's a good system and it works. It's tough; you have to be tough to play in this system." Hudson says about Coach Trickett's philosophies.

Although Rodney has been great in drills and inside run drills he did have a freshman moment. "Letroy Guion I would have to say. He put a good move on me one of the first few days. I can't really say who the toughest guy is out there on the defensive line. They are all extremely tough to go up against" Says Hudson. When Hudson does have some trouble blocking some defensive linemen, he turns to a seasoned veteran on the team. "Jacky Claude plays in front of me so I pretty much just ask him questions. I watch film and ask him what I did wrong or what he does better than me." Hudson tells Hudson is a simple player. What does he want to see over the next year? "Winning, I just want to win here."

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