Thacker the Attacker

Since his arrival, Budd Thacker has been an outspoken bright spot on the defensive line. In particular, he stepped up immensely as a true freshman last season when injuries sent many of his teammates to the sidelines. We asked Budd how his experiences so far have shaped his feelings of what being a Seminole is all about.

Budd Thacker has been one of the most exciting defensive linemen to watch since his unexpected arrival on the game field last year. Thacker is often known for his intensity both verbally and physically but more than that his mentality is that of a competitor and a winner. We asked Budd about how his playing time last season will help him improve this season to which he replied, "I'm excited about it. I got a little bit of PT last year a little more than I expected. I got some really good experience and I think that's gonna play a big role in this year real well. If you go back at look at the film this past year and look at the film after this year, its gonna be 100 times difference, a BIG difference." He also feel that the practices this year are "100 times different and way more intense. The coaches are way more into it."

Thacker has set a few personal goals in the near future to help him continue to be a big part of what those intense coaches are trying to do for FSU football. "Next offseason, I'm benching 500. I wanted to do it this year I came up a little bit short [455]. I want to be able to clean and jerk over 400. That'd be nice. Its gonna be a great season." Thacker also added this comment with a beaming smile, "I'm looking forward to getting out there and really trying to hurt somebody you know. I'm sick of hitting the same people every day. I want to hit someone different like hit some gators." Budd has certainly been hitting a lot of his teammates in the meantime and when asked who challenges him the most to work harder from the other side of the line, he replied, "Either Ryan McMahon or Jacky. They are really good at getting off the ball low and hard and getting their hands upside so we have to come off just as low or lower and try to get our hands inside before they get placement on us. If they get placement on us, we're forced to try and find another way out. McMahon the man and Jacky, so far as I've seen, do the best since we've been out there. Trickett has [all of] those boys coming off hard and mean. I wouldn't have it any other way because I'm gonna come back at you a little bit harder and a little bit meaner."

Despite being a younger player on the line, Thacker is a spark of intensity to his defensive teammates. We asked Budd what he likes to say out there to fire people up to which he replied, "Aw man I'll say anything that will get the guys crunk. I just want everybody out there fired up and I don't want nobody tired. We don't want nobody tired. I just want to get out there, I love being loud too and I love this game. Its probably the best game ever invented and I'll play it for the rest of my life if I could." He also didn't fail to mention his other fiery teammates that keep things exciting out there, "Marcus Ball or Geno, them two, when I'm out there getting loud, they get right back with me. They jump on board, we're all on board we're hitting each other in the head going crazy and I love that." Certainly this mentality adds to Thacker's feeling about the Florida State family he has come to know, love, and speak of. "In general, I feel like I'm at home. Everybody around here is like family to me. We're all brothers and we all stick together through thick and thin and I love that fact."

Speaking of family, Budd and some of the other linemen have expressed their gratitude from teammate Andre Fluellen, who mentors the younger men in the corps. Budd said this about turning to Andre for help, "Andre Fluellen, hands down. Whenever I have a question, I go to him or Odell. He's one of those guys who will stand next to your side and tell you what you're doing wrong. Sometimes during the summer we'd go up there and watch film and he's an upperclassmen so he knows a little bit more than I do so I'm just trying to pick his brain." We asked Budd to conclude this discussion with a message to both the Nole faithful and Nole critics to which he said, "We're gonna get out there this year. We're gonna play every play with our hearts. We're gonna make sure we win these football games. We're gonna have a great season. I'm gonna hold to that. We gotta turn the volume up though. Every day we gotta turn the volume up another notch."

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