Furlong has great potential

With a back injury that hampered Will Furlong's senior season; find out if the back is still bothering him and how he is adapting to college life.

For most of Will Furlong's senior season he was plagued with a back injury but, this summer he has shown no signs of the injury "My back feels great. It feels like I never got hurt." Said Furlong .The freshman from Deland, Florida has seen a lot this summer. From experiencing a new offensive line coach, to seeing fellow freshmen leave the team recently. The 6'5 265 pound offensive lineman has been working out at multiple positions this off season. Furlong has seen time at both tackle and guard positions so far. While Coach Trickett attempts to determine Furlong's optimal playing position, the freshman has to adapt to a whole new world. "It's a lot different than high school. Football is real intense at this level. Right now it's all the time. It' the hardest thing I've ever done but, it's nothing I didn't expect." Furlong explains. Many players have commented about the high level intensity practices and workouts they have been experiencing this season. For Furlong this is no exception. Furlong tells Noledigest.com the toughest adaptation for him "I was always a guy who would go real hard and then take a little time off but, I don't get any time off now. I gotta go hard all the time now."

In recent interviews Coach Trickett has praised Furlong in many drills and scrimmages so far. Furlong is very physical in the trenches. While Coach Trickett has his own thoughts on his new offensive lineman, Furlong has his own thoughts about his new coach. "I learned a lot from him so far. Everyone says he is the best offensive line coach in the country and I believe it now." Furlong said. Furlong is going up against some of the top defensive linemen in the ACC. Furlong explains his first welcome to Florida State moment…or moments ""It's been happening over the past two weeks. I can't say who the toughest defensive lineman is. They are all strong, fast, quick, tough, and they stay low." Furlong explains. With the recent departure of fellow freshman Anthony Grosso, there has been no talk between Coach Trickett and the freshman of red shirting. Furlong comments on red shirting "I don't know really. I've been running with the 2's and 3's but, Coach Trickett is going to evaluate that at the end of the pre-season."

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