FSU Commit British Footman Update

Noledigest caught up with the talented local running back. Read on for more.

How has it been since you committed to FSU?

BF: It'd been the same, really, I am just focusing on the season coming up. Nothing has really changed, and I am happy that I got my decision out of the way.

Why did you commit to FSU?

BF: It came down to the fact that FSU is the best fit for me. My mom wanted me to go there. Also, I want to win games for the hometown team, and that's what I plan on doing.

What other schools were you considering other than FSU?

BF: Only four: Florida, Miami, Minnesota and Clemson. FSU was always in my top 3, and it really wasn't a big shock that I committed. I was an FSU fan growing up, being a block away and all. I'm just a big fan.

Can you talk about your relationship with Coach Fisher and where FSU is going to play you?

BF: Coach Fisher always used to come to our practices everyday. We used to talk all of the time, either at my school or when I'd go by FSU. He was really a key reason why I chose FSU. We used to talk about me going there and stuff like the depth chart. I want to be able to come in and make an impact and help the team anyway I can. You know, if Antone (Smith) stays, that's fine. I don't want to come in and expect to become the man. I wouldn't mind sharing some carries and learning from him.

Who do you compare yourself to as a runner?

BF: I just gotta say that I am the first British (laughs). Really, I see all types of backs, and I study a lot of them. I just take away from them what I can to make my game better. I just try to learn what I can. I like to think I have some Adrian Peterson and some Reggie Bush in my game. I just feel off of everyone, high school, college or pros. I feel like whatever offense I am in, I can adjust and do well. Coach Fisher is one of the best play callers around, so I am going to do well regardless because of his system.

Grades have always been a hot topic with you. Can you discuss where you are academically?

BF: My grades are improving a lot. A lot of schools questioned that and didn't come after me. They questioned if I am on schedule. I just have to take care of my end and take care of my business. I gotta keep my grades up and get a decent test score. Not a great one, but a decent one. I want to make sure that people know that I am not in the hole people think I am. I intend on proving them wrong: the media, teams talking about me and just people in general.

What are your team goals and personal goals for your senior season?

BF: Team wise, the last 3 years we should've won states. Last year we were 10-0 and lost in the first round by one point. Our chances look very good this year, and this is my last year to get this done. It's the last year for a lot of us to win. My personal goals are that I need 800 yards to be Godby's all-time leading rusher, and I need a little over 1,400 to have 4,000 yards for my career. We have a great team this year, so I have to make sure that I gotta do what I can when I get my touches.

Are you recruiting for FSU?

BF: Nigel was the first from this area, then C.J. Holton, then me. We got to keep the talent in the area. I talk to the kids in this area, a lot of them I am friends with. I want to make sure they stay home and play for FSU. I just make sure I keep up with them.

Have you made a decision on your official visit to FSU?

BF: Not yet, but I know that it will be one of them. I say that because I may take five officials. I am in no way looking for another school. I am a Nole. If a recruiter makes it seem that I should make I visit and it sticks in my head, I will. But it will take a lot to make me even think of not going to FSU. Nothing is going to change.

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