Everette Dawkins Update

At the Bobby Bowden Camp, possibly the biggest standout was Everett Dawkins, a 6'2 1/2" 242 pound defensive end from Byrnes High School in Duncan, SC. Since the camp Dawkins has started to blow up in the recruiting scene. NoleDigest got a chance to catch up with the standout to discuss his camp experience, his recent offers and his plans for upcoming visits.

Since your camp performance at FSU, you have been getting a lot of offers. Where do you stand now with recruiting?

It's going good. Since the camp I have gotten up to 10 offers. They are from FSU, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin, N.C. State, Tennessee, Florida International and Wake Forrest. I have been getting mail from Louisville and Florida. I like those schools too. Louisville, there is something about them. I liked Michael Bush. I don't know too much about them. Florida is a powerhouse school with good atheletes.

What did you think of the camp?

It was fun. I was a 3 day camp; we had 3-adays. It was hard. But I got to meet new people, and I got to meet the coaching staff. That was great. It was my first time at FSU. It's a nice place. It was hot, but that's okay. The stadium and practice fields were cool, especially the glass window of Bobby Bowden.

What coaches are recruiting from FSU, and what position are they looking at you as?

I am being recruited by Coach Allen and Coach Lilly. They are looking at me as a defensive end, a possibly down the road as playing a little bit of inside. I have a great relationship with these guys. Since the texting ban started I haven't heard that much from them, but we spent time together at the camp. It was really nice.

What about FSU interests you at this time?

The coaching staff for one. They have great defenses, and they always have a lot of guys in the NFL. Some of the best players in the NFL are from FSU.

Are any schools sticking out?

Right now I cannot say that all of my schools are even, as I do have some schools that are standing out right now. Right now I don't want to say what schools those are.

What aspects are you looking for in a school?

First, a great defense. I don't like playing defense with a bunch of guys who don't work hard. Academics are important, always. The coaching staff is also. All 3 of those things will be apart of my decision.

Do you have a timeframe for a decision?

I plan on taking all 5 officials. I may wait until signing day. I do know I have plans for unofficial visits to FSU, South Carolina, Wake Forrest, Virginia Tech, Louisville and Florida if I can. I have 3 officials I plan on taking in FSU, Wake Forrest and Virginia Tech. The other two I am just going to play by ear because you never know what's going to happen.

Finally, what makes you a standout for the class of 2008? What are some things you need to work on?

I have good speed and quick hands. I can get off of the ball with speed and strength. I hope that I can grow more height wise, and I know that through hard work my speed and strength and overall game will continue to improve.

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