Tall orders: An Update on Greg Carr

Greg Carr has been the subject of much attention both from local and national media. Noledigest caught up with Greg to discuss how his preseason is playing out and what his plans and goals are. The well-spoken young man had plenty to say and is ready to prove himself as an important cog in the FSU steamroller that they plan on firing up this season.

As it stands now, Greg is the top TD threat in the ACC entering the season. He also is on the Maxwell award watch list (most outstanding player in CFB) and is an honorable mention on the preseason All-American list. He also sits sixth on the all-time receiving touchdowns list in FSU history and has amassed more touchdowns in the first 2 years than any receiver in FSU history. You would think with an impressive list like this any receiver would be in good position to land a starting job; however, Carr currently sits behind Richard Goodman on the preseason depth chart. Is this a coaching strategy to motivate Carr to earn a spot? Is Carr too much of a role player to start over an all-around receiver? We asked Greg a few questions that clarify his current situation.

Greg is an extremely well-spoken young man and has had nothing but positive things to say about his new coaches. When asked what Greg thinks of Jimbo Fisher's personality and style on the practice field he responded, "With Coach Fisher, you are gonna get the truth raw and uncut whether you like it or not. I like it that way because you probably won't hear anything worse from anyone else whether it's good or bad so it goes both ways but its just good to have someone around you telling you the truth whether you're doing something good or something bad. It kind of caught me off guard at first but at the same time he's telling you the truth and telling you he wants you to get better." To add to that, Greg continued to talk about how Coach Lawrence Dawsey has helped him round out his game. "[Working on] being a more complete player and doing everything as far as the little things as far as being on the correct yardage on your route and being in place for a certain block. It's the little things more than anything else."

As far as team philosophy, Greg elaborated on the coaches' expectations and the toughness/effort/discipline (T.E.D.) philosophy, "That's something that we all strive for. That's what Coach Dawsey tells us. Coach Fisher harps on the same thing. Then, you see Coach Trickett doing it with the linemen and Coach Carter doing it with the running backs. Throughout the day, each coach is just harping on his position to be great. That's what we know makes a great team." Greg is also highly satisfied with the accountability and how the coaches manage the roster decisions. To this effect, he added, "Everybody is going to be held accountable for what they do out there whether or not you're a freshman, senior, sophomore if you're not getting the job done you won't see the field. I f you are getting the job done, you will see the field no matter what class you are. With him [Fisher], he wants the guys out there that are doing what he's asking them to do not just the guys that are doing good. Those are the guys that are gonna be on the field" As to whether it's working or not, Greg humorously added, "Well, this spring I think I saw Coach Fisher smile once the whole spring [added that Fisher's smiling a lot more now]."

While Greg's stat sheet may make it seem like this comes easy to him, he has been through a great deal of adversity both off the field with family tragedy and on the field with injury and other complications. When I addressed this with Greg, he was clearly grateful to his teammates and family and added this about their support, "My whole family has pretty much been there for me. My teammates guys like Mario Henderson and Chris Davis that I'm still friends with, my good friend JR Bryant, and the whole receiver set, everybody on the team has pretty much been there for me. It's also humbling because at the same time just because you mess up on a play here and there it's not the end of the world because you know outside of this there is a different world. It helps you because you know if you can get through those things outside of football it makes football not seem so hard." Due to his experiences, he and his teammates are very interested in taking the younger guys under their wing. I asked him specifically about if he has any interaction with youngster Cameron Wade, who is in a similar mold as Carr. He had this to say about mentorship, "Not just him [Wade] but Bert Reed, Brandon Paul, and Taiwan Easterling, we are trying to mold all of them. I talked to Cam the other day because I can relate to what he's going through because I've been in the same situations, so I just try and tell him what's going to work in certain situations. I just try to let him know that I've been through it and know what it is to be a tall receiver here." We concluded the interview with Greg's thoughts on the position battle. He said, "It's been fun but at the same time it's more fun because we're coming out to work every day and to compete every day and you just know that everybody's giving all they've got." As far as what would determine his final spot on the season depth chart he explained, "If I continue to work hard, everything else will take care of itself. I just continue to work hard and do whatever I'm asked to do by the coaches. It's a very competitive group but at the same time we love each other and are ready to fight for each other at the drop of a dime." Finally, Greg said about his improvements, "I feel like a more complete player. I'm working on my blocking and route-running and all that and everyday I feel better. I'm going to do whatever it takes to help the team win. I'm trying to give it all I've got and work hard. I know that that brings results and good things and when you go out and play hard every day good things are bound to happen."

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