Myron Rolle Q & A

Every week Myron Rolle will answer questions on his thoughts on practice, recap of games, etc.

What are your thoughts about the scrimmages?

We have completed two scrimmages so far this preseason. We have one more left on Tuesday. The scrimmages are like quizzes before the big test on September 3rd against Clemson. The scrimmages allow both units (offense and defense) to iron out mistakes and evaluate talent across the board. The offense has been popping some long passes and long runs here and there on the defense. They have done most of their scoring early in the scrimmages. After those early touchdowns, the defense settles down and begins to play football. The defense has done a decent job of stalling the offense later in scrimmages. The coaches preach to the players to have a "great finish," but the defense must start faster to truly dominate the football game.

What about your teammates?

I enjoy the company of my teammates. We have fun in the locker room and in the segment rooms. I have learned that if you dread 2-a-days then you will have a hard time. If you laugh, tell jokes, dance and become relaxed, then practices are easy. We often play music in the locker room and get loose before we practice. It is great to have guys like Korey Mangum, Rodney Gallon and Darius McClure that have entertaining personalities. We feed off of those guys.

What about the younger players on the team?

The young players are performing. I love the way they compete. Last year as a true freshman during preseason camp, I was more concerned about beating out the guy in front of me than learning my role. I see this freshman class turning the corner in regards to picking up the schemes and improving mentally as football players. I have been very impressed by Bernard Brinson, the true freshman cornerback from Madison County. He is aggressive, smart, and fast. He has a football mind. Dionte Allen has stepped it up as of late. I love his swagger and his eagerness to get on the field. On the offensive side of the ball, I see Bert Reed making plays and feeling more comfortable in the system. Lastly, I know he is not a freshman, but I just wanted to say that Letroy Guion is a man!

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