FSU in the mix for Freeman

Dalton Freeman, Scout.com's #12 ranked guard in the class of 2008, is one of the best players in the state of South Carolina this year. NoleDigest was able to catch up with his head coach and father, Ben Freeman, to discuss the Pelion High standout's interest in FSU, recruiting in general, and plans for visits down the road.

Have the coaches at FSU been in contact with Dalton?

BF: Yes, he is very interested in FSU. He likes them a lot. Coach Rick Trickett is very involved with his recruitment. They have definitely made an impression as they have really started to turn up the heat.

What about FSU does Dalton like?

BF: Well, he grew up a fan of them, and he has been excited about them since they offered him the scholarship. Plus he likes Coach Trickett.

Is Coach Trickett the only coach he hears from at FSU?

BF: He has been getting a lot of letters from them, and he used to get a lot of texts before the ban started. Pretty much Trickett has been doing all of the recruiting of Dalton. Now he has been sending hand-written letters and emails to contact him until coaches can make calls in September.

So it's safe to say FSU is in it for Dalton?

BF: They will be in the top 5-6 for sure. He hasn't really narrowed it down any, but we are trying to get it to 8-10 by the end of the month. Schools like FSU, Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Florida and Georgia are the schools we are considering.

Has Dalton lined up any visits yet?

BF: He is visiting Penn State for an official September 1st when they play Notre Dame. We have been talking to Coach Trickett about getting down there for during the season for one. He wants to see the gameday atmosphere. Other than that, nothing else has been figured out as of this time.

What is Dalton looking for in a school?

BF: Three things really: a chance to win some games and a championship, early playing time, and a good school for journalism. He wants to do something in that field.

What are Dalton's strengths and weaknesses at this juncture?

BF: He is a good athlete. He is not a bug guy who stumbles around. He runs well and he is strong and flexible. He has great knowledge of the game and has grown up around the game. Also, he is a young senior as he won't turn 18 until June. That may also be a weakness for him. He is young and is still growing some. His strength evens out the age difference though. Right now he is 6'6" and 265 pounds. He is having problems keeping on the weight with this heat we are having, but the coaches have told him to not worry about it. He has the frame to add good weight. To play early I think he needs to get to the 280-285 pound range, which should not be a problem for him.

**Academically, Dalton is a great student, as he has a GPA over 4.0 and has already received a qualifying score of 21 on the ACT. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on this Pelion, SC star.

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