Noledigest Feature: James Coley

One feature that Noledigest will bring to Nole fans is an outsider's point of view of FSU. Coach Fisher has had the opportunity to work with some of the very best coaches in college football. One of those coaches that look to join the impressive list is FIU offensive coordinator James Coley. We had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Coley & ask him some of his thoughts on FSU & Coach Fisher.

Coach Coley started his coaching career at Miami High. He produced talented players like Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) and Roscoe Parrish (Buffalo Bills). In 2002, Coley went on to help Miami Norland win a State Championship at the 6A level. He coached players like Dwayne Bowe (LSU), Antuain Barnes (FIU) and Kareem Brown (Miami). In 2003 he joined Nick Saban staff at LSU where he worked with Jamarcus Russell and Matt Mauck. In 2005 he then followed Saban to the Miami Dolphins. Now he has joined Mario Cristobal staff and will be the offensive coordinator for the Golden Panthers.

Coach Coley, you had the opportunity to see some of the things Coach Fisher is doing at FSU. What are your thoughts about what he is doing and the direction you see the FSU program going?

JC-Coach Fisher will put his stamp on FSU football. He will create a winning environment that they have lost the past few years. There will be 11 guys on offense that get after all 11 guys on defense. He will have receivers making big plays not only in the passing game but also the run game. Effort, toughness and discipline are very important to coach Fisher. The discipline part is very important. Those three things are huge for Fisher. He is about execution but those three components were more important. At LSU he forced opposing teams to quit. Somewhere in the game things may be going poorly but something happens the switch goes on and the team starts making plays. That's because of what happens during the week. I can't tell you how much he stresses effort, toughness and discipline.

One problem FSU has had the past few years is the quarterback play has been sub par by their standards. Do you feel he will be able to get the most out of Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford or will he have to wait till one of the guys he recruited steps in?

JC-He will get everything and more out of the two quarterbacks. To where they were before he got them to where they will be when he is finished with them both will end up very good players. His quarterbacks will know everything. He won't accept anything less. He makes the quarterback responsible for formations, blocking schemes the total package. He puts that pressure on them. They are completely responsible. The two of them may struggle early on because of what is being asked of them but you can bet that Drew and Xavier will end up excelling before their time is done at FSU.

What do Seminoles fans have to look forward to this year and will the offense be much improved?

JC-You will notice the improvement in the first game but as the season goes along the players will master the offense. Seminole fans will see more punch to the swagger. Not only will they have swagger but there will be toughness to the offense. The other teams will be physically defeated. That is something that has defiantly been missing from FSU football. They were just not mentally or physically tough the past few years. You can bet with Fisher, Dawsey and Trickett the offense won't have that problem anymore.

How long will it take Coach Fisher and the new coaches at FSU to make them a National Championship caliber team again?

JC-Watch who they are recruiting. He will get skillful players but most important have that mindset to win. Look at who they signed this past year and how those freshman play. Fisher, Dawsey and Trickett are all great recruiters. Add that to Chuck, Lilly Odell and Mickey; you will see that damage they can do.

Give us your thoughts of Coach Lawrence Dawsey. What does he bring to the table from a recruiting and coaching stand-point?

JC-Great person first of all. He brings that old school FSU mentality to the table. He is a perfect fit with Jimbo. He is loved in central and north Florida in high schools. He has a ton of credibility by high school coaches. Coaches in South Florida know how good of a coach he is. When he coached at USF, he was very well respected. Coach Ponce who is our receiver coached has worked with many coaches in the past and he feels Dawsey is the best.

Coach Rick Trickett is considered by many as one of the top offensive line coaches in the country. What are you thoughts of Coach Trickett and what he brings to the table?

JC-Bad Ass. He demands a lot from his players. That's why opposing teams hate going against his players. He expects them to give everything they have and leave it on the football field. He does not recruit the biggest kid or the ones with highest pub all the time. He goes after the toughest kids. They have the ability to play D1 football but he wants the toughest kids. Size does not mean kids are tough. He puts a premium on kids that are smart and athletic. You can't compromise toughness for ability. His style has paid off just look at his success.

Coach Coley, you are now the new offensive coordinator at FIU. Tell us about FIU and where the program is heading, what to look for this season and what the new stadium and facilities will be like?

JC-With everything our president and athletic director have provided our program is heading in the right direction. We will be 2nd to no one when it comes to facilities and support from the administration. Pete Garcia has done a phenomenal job in a short period of time at getting things done. He helped University of Miami with Butch Davis and now he looks to do the same at FIU. The approach taking by the administration down to the coaching staff has been great. When I went to LSU and joined Nick Saban staff he created an environment that was all about winning. I feel that head coach Mario Cristobal has done the same thing. You would never know he was a 1st time head coach by the way he has done things here at FIU. The first time we step onto that field our opponents will know there is a new FIU football team they about to face.

Coach Coley we would like to thank you for your time today.

JC-No problem, tell Seminole fans they have nothing to worry about with Fisher, Trickett, Dawsey and the rest of that staff in charge.

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