Big play Pat

Patrick Robinson has been labeled "quiet" by some but, after sitting down to catch up with Pat, he proves this all wrong. Also find out who is the toughest receiver to cover!

Who exactly is Pat Robinson? Seminole fans know him as a four star cornerback from Gulliver Prep. Robinson describes in his own words " I'm definitely not the quietest kid on the team. I bring athleticism to the table. I bring a little bit experience from last year. I can definitely contribute to special teams this year." Robinson saw some time as true freshmen but, this year his is motivated to get on the field and make an impact. Throughout the preseason so far Robinson has put in solid performances in 7 on 7's and 1 on 1's. If Robinson made a mistake in coverage or another aspect of the game he is quick to correct it and make a play with his next opportunity.

This fall the corners will have to adapt to the new wide receiver play that Coach Dawsey brings to the table. So who is the ‘Noles toughest receiver on the team? "Honestly, De'Cody Fagg has the best hands for coming off the line. I would say there are three real tough ones: De'Cody Fagg, Preston Parker, and Richard Goodman. Those are the hardest receivers to cover." says Robinson. Although these receivers are tough to cover, Robinson has been working hard this off season. "I've been doing a lot of running after 7 on 7's. I would go everyday, even if I was the only defensive back out there, I would try and do a lot of 1 on 1's with the receivers" explains Robinson.

Over the off season Robinson sat down and figured out the flaw in his game. Robinson tells "On some plays I wouldn't finish. Coach Andrews emphasizes on finishing. When I don't finish, he really gets in my ear." Along with Coach Andrews former ‘Nole and standout corner Terrell Buckley has been in town. "Terrell Buckley has been in town and has been telling us a couple things. He has been talking about life more than anything" says Robinson. Pat is also looking forward to a special game in particular for him. Robinson explains "I'm definitely looking forward to playing Miami and having a good game. I'm looking forward to playing a lot more this year. I'm looking to get more comfortable in the defense. Last year I was a little nervous going out there." What can the Seminole Nation expect out of Pat Robinson this year then? "Plays, big Plays."

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