Walk on of the Week: Garrison Sanborn

Walk on of the week continues with long snapper Garrison Sanborn. Sanborn has been with the program for five years now. Sanborn sits down with Noledigest.com to talk about his experience over the past five years.

The redshirt senior from Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida has been with the program for five years now. Since his first season a lot has changed with the football program. Coaches have come and gone, ACC championships were won, and Bobby Bowden experienced his worst season in thirty years as the Seminole's head coach. Garrison Sanborn can feel the energy that the coaches bring to the table. "The biggest difference between the new and old coaching staff would be the work ethic. Everybody is playing at a much higher level. Much higher than we were used to playing in games. The coaches work at the highest level that I have ever been around" said Sanborn. Although Sanborn is a special teams player, he has the privilege of working with some of the new coaches. Sanborn tells Noledigest.com "I work with Coach Allen primarily. Coach Trickett helps a lot with the blocking schemes on field goal blocking. Coach Fisher works with the holder, kicker, and myself. Coach Fisher is always watching over us". Although the field goal kicking in the off season has been inconsistent, Sanborn has snapped on the money and rarely snaps a bad ball. Many feel that the long snapper can also make it to the next level with his long snapping abilities.

Sanborn was working out like usual at his high school when a Jesuit Alumni came back to visit. Xavier Beitia and teammate Chris Hall came back to work out with the Jesuit team for a weekend. Sanborn explains "Chris and Beitia came back one day to my high school to work out. They told me I should walk on. I came down here checked it out and they said they wanted me. I didn't have to try out or anything". Although the two ‘Noles came back to visit Sanborn, he was also mulling over offers from other schools. "I was offered a full ride to UCF. Also Cal-Berkley and a bunch of other small schools. FSU was the best chance for me to play" says Sanborn. But ultimately when Sanborn decided to weigh his options Florida State was the best fit for him. "Well, I mean its FSU. I wanted to come here for school. It's a lot better than all the other schools that were looking at me. I felt it would be the most fun playing with these guys and being coached under Coach Bowden" Sanborn tells Noledgiest.com.

Since that time, Sanborn has had to prove himself to coaches and teammates "Well it's always different as a snapper. They always want you to walk on to their program. As far as coming in here it's intimidating. You weren't as highly recruited as some guys and it takes some time to prove yourself. You just have to go in there and prove you are capable of playing with everyone else. "When I got here it was different. When I got here there was a little bit of difference. A few of my buddies that walked on together we decided that we were going to stick it out and make it through the process. Now it is a lot better everyone is treated the same and I can't tell the difference." explains Sanborn. Now that Sanborn has proved himself to the players and coaches, what is the senior looking forward to this season? Sanborn explains "I'm looking forward to see what we have out here. I think everything is coming together. I'm excited to see how everything is going to work out."

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