E.J. Manuel: PSU rumors are not true

On June 27th FSU hit the jackpot when 5-star standout E.J. Manuel committed to the Noles. As one of the top qb's in the nation, it is to be expected that some schools will try to persuade the Bayside star to look in other directions. ND caught up with E.J. to talk about how his senior season is going, rumors of him talking to other colleges, & the ongoing recruiting he is doing for the Noles.

How have your practices and scrimmages been so far?

EM: They are going great. Yesterday we had a scrimmage with Norcum and we beat them pretty bad. I played a good amount, but not the whole time. My leg has been kind of bothering me some. Last week I got a hip pointer. It is nothing serious, so I will be okay. I had 1 touchdown passing and on the ground last night. Our team looks real good so far.

When does your season officially get underway?

EM: Next Thursday against Kempsville High. It is a district game, so we have to get started the right way. Like I said, we are looking good right now.

Have you been hearing from schools still?

EM: I still get mail, but they are not allowed to text me like they used to. When the coaches are allowed to call I am not going to be disrespectful to them. A lot of these guys I have built relationships with. I will let them know I want to go to FSU and that my decision will not change. I am firm to Florida State.

So the rumors of you being in contact with Penn State are false?

EM: Yes sir, they are not true. I get hand-written letters from Coach Paterno, but all of the schools do that. I don't know where you'd hear that rumor, though.

Are the coaches at FSU still in contact with you?

EM: I talk to coach Fisher a lot. I actually talked to him Tuesday for like 30 minutes. He isn't allowed to text, but I can call him when I want. We usually just talk ball and how our families are doing and all. That's how I have been staying in contact with them. We talked a little about me coming down to the Miami game, but that really hasn't come up. That will take care of itself.
Since your season is underway have you taken some focus off of the recruiting you have been doing for FSU?

EM: It is not too hard to pick up the phone and send a text. I am doing both. I have been talking to Darrell Scott and Jamie Harper, and I am still trying to get into contact with Will Hill. Keith Wells is a good friend, and Deion Walker is my best friend. Some other guys I have been contacting are Arthur Brown, T.J. Bryant and Patrick Johnson. I told him he has a home at FSU if he wants it. But I really wasn't calling to push him towards FSU, just to remain in contact because we are going to be seeing a lot of each other with him doing the Miami thing and me at FSU. I just wanted to holler at him and say what's up.

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