Greenlee wants to be a Freshman All-American

Freshmen tackle Antwane Greenlee has experienced a lot since coming to Florida State. Find out who has been helping him and who is giving his the most trouble.

Ten months ago Antwane Greenlee committed, then recommitted, and finally pulled a shocker on National Signing Day by sending his letter of intent to Florida State. Since that time Greenlee has arrived on campus and has shown flashes of greatness against the defensive line. Greenlee speaks about his transition "Well I think I'm doing pretty well. It only took a couple days to realize college football is a full time job around here. We get up in the morning early and have meetings then practice then more meetings. It just never stops". It never stops on the field either. Greenlee has been forced to step up his game quickly and learn all of the plays in time for camp. "It was more of learning the plays. A lot hits you real quick and you are forced to learn it real quick" Greenlee said.

Along with learning the plays and adapting to the speed of the game, Antwane still has to respond to Coach Trickett's demands every practice and meeting. Greenlee explains ""I think he's a great coach. He definitely knows what he's talking about. He can show you stuff on film whether is college or NFL. He can show you the steps to take. If you learn from his advice there is no telling what you can become". For every freshman, each will encounter their welcome to Florida State football moment. Greenlee discusses his first day "My first day coming out here on pass rush drills. I didn't kick out quick enough and someone just blew right by me. I definitely adjusted". Greenlee is also receiving guidance and help from true sophomore Daron Rose. ""Daron Rose has just been trying to help me as much as possible. He just recently went through what I'm going through now so he can relate." says Greenlee. As many Seminole fans know Coach Odell Haggins coaches a tough defensive line. Greenlee has experienced this first hand and explains who the toughest defensive linemen are to go up against "I think Everette Brown or Budd Thacker is the toughest". So what are Antwane's goals this year? "I just want to improve overall. I want to see if I can work myself into the rotation and maybe freshmen All-American or something like that. I'm just taking it one day at a time". Stay tuned to as we follow Antwane throughout his freshmen year.

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