What have we learned from Camp

With camp coming to a close tonight, we have learned a lot about this FSU Football Team. Noledigest lists 10 key points. Read on for more.

  •  The offensive coaching staff will get playmakers and athletes on the field this year.



  • Coach Trickett doesn't care how much experience you have or how old you are.



  •  The offense will go as Antone Smith goes. He will be the featured back this year. It is critical to Florida State's success on offense that he stays healthy.



  • Kicking game is still up and down.



  • Wide receivers have started blocking down the field more on a consistent basis. That is a direct result of Coach Dawsey's coaching.



  • This team is physically in better shape than previous years.



  • Florida State's goal line offense has improved.



  •  Both quarterbacks will play (Weatherford & Lee) this year and contribute.



  • No 2nd MLB (Middle linebacker) has stepped up yet. Will it be K. Smith or R. Wright?



  •  Don't expect the secondary to give up too many big plays.













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