Local Flavor: FAMU High

Noledigest had the pleasure of speaking with FAMU High School Head Coach Ira Reynolds. Coach Reynolds discusses his upcoming season, and his junior star player that loves the Seminoles.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team, what is the outlook for your team?

IR-Looking at where we are right now and how we performed I would say we are pretty good. Barring any injuries we should be in the fight for the championship. Last year, I would have said the strength of the team would have been defense, but this year our offense has caught up to our defense and they are pretty much balanced. We have a young team. We only have 1 senior offensive lineman, everyone else will be returning next year.

What did FAMU HS do to improve this summer?

IR-We had a grueling summer program. They ran as a team. We worked out all summer, the players volunteered. We practiced in the heat of the day. They worked out with the weight; they did running and agility drills with very little direction.

Who is next in the FAMU High pipeline as far as being highly recruited?

IR-Will Ferrell is next and he will be in the ‘09 class, he likes Florida State a whole lot.

Why does Will Ferrell want to stay in town?

IR-Well he grew up liking Florida State and FAMU, he's from Tallahassee and he always wanted to play at Florida State.

Did your top players lead the summer workouts?

IR-Will Ferrell and Richard Sparks are the captains of the team for the summer.

What are Will's strengths as a player?

IR-He loves to play football. He loves to hit. He plays at one speed; we take him out of a lot of drills because he does not ease up. He is very dedicated. He is a fundamentally sound player and enjoys the game.

Will Ferrell has been in your program for quite sometime, was he always a special player from the very beginning?

IR-Absolutely, he is only a junior and he has been a 4 year starter. This will be his 5th year. He started playing in the 7th grade.

Do you have any performance statistics on Will Ferrell, like his bench press?

IR-Willie bench presses something in the area of 340-350 and his 40 time is something like a 4.7 or probably better.

How is doing Will Ferrell academically?

IR-He is sound academically, he can always get his GPA up higher, and he is always going to be in that area where he can break it and get up there to the elite level. He will qualify.

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