Huge game for FSU Commit Jermaine Thomas

On Saturday, First Coast traveled to Berkley (SC) to play on a nationally televised game on ESPNU. The game was a close contest that came down to the final drive. The undisputed star of the game was FSU commitment Jermaine Thomas, who amassed over 280 all-purpose yards (160 rushing) & 2 TD's. ND caught up with the standout to talk about the game & his expectations for the rest of his senior season

How was it playing on national television?

JT: It was wonderful and a good experience for us. We had a lot of doubters, people questioning if we were going to be any good. After making it to the playoffs and losing early, we had something to prove. It was a great atmosphere and we took advantage of it.

Many people feel that this game put you on the national scene. Can you speak on that?

JT: A lot of people have their own opinions. As a team we knew it was a big game and we just stuck together, hung in there and won. I feel that I did really well, and I want to keep that going. Some people told me after the game that this performance may put me in the ESPN All-American game, which would be nice because I just want to compete against the best. I was also checking out some message boards last night, and people were saying some real nice things about me. A lot of people think with British Footman and I, the team will be okay at running back.

Can you talk about the game winning drive?

JT: I just want to be a leader on my team. I told my coaches it was crunch time and that I wanted the ball in my hands. I was telling these guys after Berkley scored to keep their heads up. I saw Avis get upset, and I had to tell him we were leaders. We took the field, got hyped and got it done. Avis did real well on that last drive. We did our thing.

What are your expectations for your senior season?

JT: I just plan on staying humble and show good character. The coaches tell us to keep working on our education and keep that right, and it will make us better players on the field. I just want to continue to be a leader, execute and pay attention to what is going on with my team.

Have you determined when you are going to visit FSU?

JT: Not really. I know we are going next month for unofficial visits. I am not sure if the three of us are going to be taking them all together. I don't know when I'll be taking an official, but I am for sure taking only one to Florida State.

How is Nigel Carr doing?

JT: He is fine. He will be at practice this week and will be playing Friday. He had some really bad cramping. He is going to do fine, though. He really wanted to prove himself in that game.

What are your goals before getting to FSU?

JT: Once I get there I know they are going to put some weight on me. So that will take care of itself. No running back at First Coast has ever gone over 1,000 yards, so I am going to be the first one to do that I hope. That is one of my goals. Also, I just want to continue to get better and hope the perception of me changes ranking wise.

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