Run Antone.......Run

Seminole nation has very high expectations for Antone Smith this year. With an excellent spring performance and with a workload specifically for Antone the sky is the limit.

Antone Smith ended his sophomore campaign with a stunning 5.2 yard per carry average and 5 touchdowns. These numbers come as a surprise to some since Florida State's running game ranked 103rd in the NCAA last season. However with a new set of coaches comes new life into the program. Smith has tearing up practice this pre season even though the offensive line, in Coach Trickett's mind, is not anywhere close to where it has to be. Smith on the other hand can already see the difference between coaching staffs "Biggest thing with the offensive line is the speed. They allow you to get to the second level a lot quicker. They are a lot more focused about their job is" Smith said. With rumors swirling around that Florida State will be a primarily run first team and with no clear cut number two running back behind Smith, excitement fills the air when Smith talks about this year. Smith tells "I loved it. I felt very good when they said I don't have to rotate. I will get my rhythm during the game. I want to be that guy everyone turns to for a play". Many critics also feel that Coach Bobby Bowden will act differently. Antone on the other hand shares his thoughts on Coach Bowden's involvement "I think coach Bowden is a very consistent guy. He hasn't changed since he got here and he isn't going to change now."

Although Smith has been improving and working hard in the off season, he has also seen other new changes in his life as well. "The biggest change Jimbo brought in is the new slogan: Toughest, Effort, Discipline. That's the biggest thing. But on the field it's the effort and the tempo of the game, it's a lot faster" Smith explained. Another huge impact a new coach has made on Smith is Coach Carter's philosophies and preaching about life after football. "The biggest things he taught us so far are leadership and character. A person with good leadership comes in and could teach the whole group. Having good character off the field makes the man" Smith said. Smith is already a huge fan of talking to young kids about their future "I like talk to kids a lot. I would definitely work with kids. I know I would like to be a teacher" adds Smith. Stay tuned for as we follow Smith on his hyped junior season.

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