FSU's New Weapon

Marcus Sims may be a man of few words but his actions on the practice field have certainly caught the eye of the Florida State coaches. One day, Marcus lined up with the 1's at fullback & he broke a nifty run on a counter to the left. Noledigest.com caught up with Marcus to ask him about progress and fall practice so far.

The coaches have taken notice of his physical play and appear to be trying him out for a starting fullback or H-back position for the upcoming season. He wasn't sure at this time what his actual position is but he will just keep working at it and keep improving his ball skills. "I just gotta keep working at it and hopefully see improvement with time." Sims said as he mused about his recent performance. When asked about the tools and techniques that Coach Carter has brought in for helping improve that performance Sims said, "I like the gauntlet drills. They help me keep my shoulders down while I'm running and [when manning the gauntlets for his teammates] I feel that they help out with blocking technique as well so it's got that added benefit."

When asked about who in the unit is showing the most intensity out there right now, Marcus humbly replied that its gotta be Antone Smith, but some of the spectators and coaches have taken notice that his intensity level and work ethic is right up there with FSU's star tailback. On that note, Marcus had this to say when asked what to expect from year 2 of Marcus Sims, "I just want to meet expectations. I want to meet my expectations that I've set for myself; I want to meet the coaches' expectations and just keep working hard and keep making progress." Sims added that with steady progress and solid momentum the team feels they can compete with the teams vying for a berth in the national championship. Ground zero for such a season is right here, right now on the practice field and if the team plays with the intensity that guys like Sims have shown early-on then such aspirations could be within the Seminoles' grasp.

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