Myron Rolle's Weekly Q & A

Every week Myron Rolle will write a weekly Q & A on his thoughts on practice, recap of games, etc.

Talk about your thoughts on the game next week

The game is approaching and we are all getting excited. Everyday there seems to be someone reminding you that there are X number of days and X number of minutes until kickoff. The season seemed so far away a couple months ago, but now we are preparing for another title run. Clemson is good, but I think we are better. It is just up to us to put the product on the field.

Are you friends with any players from Clemson?

I am very good friends with CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford. They both play for Clemson. I met CJ in high school and we talked on the phone about twice a week. We also roomed together at the US Army All American game as high school seniors. Jacoby and I became friends through CJ. I have talked to both of those guys and they told me that they are ready. They talk about the success of their offense and I talk about the toughness of our defense. It is going to be fun playing against friends/competitors. Don't get me wrong, on the field..there are no friends.

What are your expectations for this year?

On a personal level, I am looking forward to this year. Last year I had a very good season as a true freshman. I made plays and felt more comfortable with the concepts as the season progressed. Coach Andrews coaches me very well. I felt I improved every game last year. This year I want to better that success from last year. I am not quite a veteran yet, but playing 10 games last year has helped me with offensive set recognition, defensive checks and overall confidence. At my rover position, I fulfill my responsibility first then let my ability take over. That is the way Derrick Gibson and Jerome Carter played it and that is the way I'd like to play it.

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