The sky's the limit for Brown

Redshirt sophomore Everette Brown had a promising freshman campaign. Looking forward to the upcoming year, Brown has set huge expectations. Find out why Brown is not only a role model on the field but, off the field as well.

In the off season, many players just stick to running and lift. Not Everette Brown though. In the off season Brown has expanded his interests to not only football and academics but, to community service as well. "Community service is pretty big thing to me. You want to be a role model on the field but, most importantly you want to be a role model off the field. I try to get there and do as much community service as possible" says Brown. Recently Brown helped out at a muscular dystrophy camp in Port St. Joe's. Brown talks about his experience at the camp "I really liked working with the kids. I worked with them all day, they put a smile on my face, and I put a smile on theirs. I would do it again anytime. Along with his devotion to community service Everette also spends his time helping other student athletes at Florida State. "I'm part of the student athlete advisory council. We talk about how to make the campus better and how we can help the incoming freshmen. I'm also part of the team unity council" explains Everette.

After completing all the community service and helping on with organizations on campus, Brown still has time to improve his game all year round. Brown tells "I've been in the film room watching myself on film. I've also been watching a lot of offensive tackles. I look at the moves that I use to see which moves work best in which situation. I have been working a lot on my takeoff, hands, and foot work." This summer Brown has not disappointed either. He has been dominant at times against the new offensive line. Brown points out a key difference in this year's offensive line compared to last year ""One thing is that they are a lot smaller and quicker. At the same time they are a lot stronger too. It helps us on the defensive line because we get great competition during practice."

The sophomore is also a very goal oriented person. "Personally, my goals are the sky's the limit. I just want to help the team win whether it's making sacks, getting interceptions, just whatever it takes to win. I just want to play to the best of my ability. The sky's the limit. I'm trying to get one sack a game. It doesn't sound easy but it is reachable." He is also looking to bring back something Florida State has lost over the past few years. The big play and momentum from the defensive ends has faded recently. Brown explains "I have high expectations of myself. I just want to come out every game and make big plays. I just want to get to the ball. I want to bring back that old tradition of getting to the quarterback and knocking him out. We need to get back to making big plays." Other than working hard and contributing to the team Brown has a homecoming affair this season. Wake Forest and NC State are both short trips from his Stantonburg home. "I'm about two and half hours from Wake. When we play that game I have a bus load of people come. Last year at NC State I had 34 people come and watch this year I'm hoping to top that. Most importantly on that Thursday night game is that we come away with the W".

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