Williams ready to step up

Roger Williams and the defense have been working hard preparing for their trip to Death Valley. After practice Thursday he stopped to talk about what must be done in order to come out on top Monday night. Roger also talked about how he plans on silencing his critics and which players on offense will surprise people the most this season.

Trying to stop the run will be key in Monday night's opener versus Clemson. As free safety, Williams is the last resort if one of the backs breaks into the secondary. Last year, C.J. Spiller wasn't a factor and James Davis was kept in check until the last minute of the game when the defense was caught out of position and Davis broke off a 47 yard run to set up the game winning touchdown. When asked what he must do to be ready for Spiller and Davis, Williams replied, "Play smart and take the right angles. I think that's a big thing that killed us a lot last year."

Along with one of the best rush attacks in the country, Clemson has a few receivers capable of making big plays. Williams talk a little about the key receivers for the Tigers. "You got Aaron Kelly you know, he's more of a deep threat, jump ball guy. You got 13 (Tyler Grisham), you know, he's a short guy. Then you got 6 (Jacoby Ford), you know, he's a speed guy, so they're gonna try to get the ball to him real quick and let him do what he do with the ball."

Roger Williams has been lining up against the new Florida State offense for the past month in practice and says he sees big differences in a few players. "You got Antone and then you got De'Cody Fagg." Both are expected to be leaders at their positions and have break out years.

As far as himself, Roger feels that he personally is ready to step up on defense. "I feel as though I got a lot to prove this year because a lot of people have been doubting me. My thing is, I'm gonna try to be the man. My goal is to just be the man, just come out here and show people I can play ball."

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