Myron Rolle's Weekly Q & A

Every week Myron Rolle will write a weekly Q & A on his thoughts on practice, recap of games, etc.

What are your thoughts on the Clemson game?

The game against Clemson was a wake up call. I feel no one has worked harder than us in the off-season or in pre-season practice, but we still came away defeated at the end of the game. The good thing about the loss is that all of our mistakes are correctable. Defensively, we must tackle better. I know Spiller and Davis are very good (probably the best running backs I have ever played), but that is no excuse for overpursuing, getting over extended and/or not wrapping up the ball carrier.

How do you feel you played on Monday?

I feel I played well, but I still can improve. After looking at the film, there are definitely areas I can correct. I am optimistic that those corrections will be made. One thing I have started doing is running gassers after practice on my own. I get into the cold pool right after I'm done the extra conditioning to recover.

What are your thoughts on UAB?

UAB is a young team. They throw the ball. They spread the field as well. The quarterback has a quick release. As soon as his hand leaves the's coming out. We must break hard, low and fast to get a good beat on the ball. We are still 0-1 so we are not taking this game lightly. The first win of the 2007 season must be this weekend.

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