De' Cody showing leadership

Senior leader De'Cody Fagg had a rough opening debut as a senior in the 24-18 loss to Clemson Monday night. We talked with the offensive captain about what he and his teammates want to do to change the mistakes made on Labor Day.

De'Cody and his teammates came out of Monday's game with a bitter taste in their mouth, the taste of defeat. The offense and defense came out of the gates a bit flat and looking stunned by Clemson's intensity and playmaking abilities. It caused De'Cody, a senior captain and leader of the WR corps, to make a promise to himself and along with his teammates to the coaches. De'Cody had this to say about his pledge, "We had a lot of problems in our route-running. We cut a lot of routes short or didn't run the right route sometimes. We got over that and we came out today and had a good practice today. They pushed us and we came out and worked hard today. We told them and we told ourselves that we don't want that to happen anymore because we embarrassed our coaches and ourselves."

De'Cody also elaborated on what the coaches focused on right away following the loss and poor performance, "Just looking at all the mistakes. I didn't know we had that many mistakes. We went over it today and Coach went over part of it yesterday. Just a lot of mental mistakes. We had a pre-game walkthrough and we had all of our assignments down-pat but we went out there on the field and I don't know what happened we just had a lot of mistakes more than I thought we had." In addition, Coach Dawsey was unsatisfied with the complacency the plagued some of his wide receivers Monday night and was quick to rectify the situation. "He just pushed us," De'Cody said. "There was a lot of walking out on the field [Monday night] so he just pushed us a lot today. I know I didn't come off at all today and he kept pushing us so that we'd be in shape when it comes down to game time we'll be ready to go. We also need to break out of the huddle more so that's another we concentrated on is getting out of the huddle, getting the plays, and getting our assignments down-pat."

In addition, to the constructive criticism that the entire corps received, De'Cody received some personal attention and instruction from his position coach. "We had a long talk. He told me he wanted to get the ball to me but it was up to me on how I run my routes. I run my routes to get up the field and the ball's gonna come to me. I know I took a couple plays off against Clemson and I promised the coaches I wasn't going to do that again." Finally, we asked De'Cody where he can rebound from here after disappointments and how he would like to handle his situation so he can continue to be a leader and contributor to which he said, "We have 11 games left. I just have to put that game behind me and concentrate on UAB for Saturday." With the short practice week, we will be able to see if De'Cody and the other guys can do just that in the near future.

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