Where are they Now: Peter Boulware

Where are they Now is a feature that started on Noledigest. This week Noledigest had the pleasure to speak with former Seminole legend Peter Boulware. Boulware discusses his experience at FSU as a player , his current profession, the NFL, his brother and his thoughts on the program.

What are you up to now?

PB: Well, I am living in Tallahassee, married with three kids, enjoying life. I am part-owner of a Toyota dealership, so that keeps me busy. I really like doing that. I got into that because I had a friend and former teammate who always talked to me about it. It interested me, and now I am fully vested into it. I get a chance to spend time with my wife and kids and just get away from football and heal up and stay healthy.

Did you spend anytime at the Seminole Showcase?

PB: Yes, I was there. It was an awesome experience for the kids to be apart of. Jerry Rice...what can you say. I worked primarily with the defensive ends and with Jody Allen. I saw a couple guys that are part of the team now and a few prospects that were very intriguing. If these guys can play to their potential, the future at FSU is going to be great. Overall I had a nice time being apart of something like that.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

How did you end up at FSU?

PB: I had a friend at the time who was looking at Florida State, Miami and Florida. He asked me to come with him for a visit. At the time I really didn't want to. The summer before I had visited Miami and loved it. From then on my family and I thought that I was going to go there. I thought it was the place for me. But, I decided to go to Tallahassee with my friend, met the coaches and later that year was offered a scholarship. I took it. After I left there I knew it was the place for me. Between Coach Bowden and the atmosphere there, there was really nothing wrong.

Can you talk about playing for Bobby Bowden?

PB: It was incredible, absolutely incredible. It is a privilege for me to say that I played for him. He was a fatherly figure to us. Between him and Mickey Andrews, I could not have asked for better coaches to play for. Coach Andrews made me into the great player I was. He pushed me to my limits, he was hard, but he was fair. I really respected him as a coach and as a man.

How was it being on the 1993 championship team?

PB: It was incredible. I was a true freshman. It was great being apart of that whole experience. It was awesome playing with guys like Charlie Ward, who is one of the best ever. He is one of the reasons why we won as he was a great leader and had great ability. Just a great thing to be apart of.

1996 was a huge year for you as a player. Can you talk about that year for you and the Noles?

PB: It was a very special year. We had a great defensive line that year. We were so competitive between us, and it made us better players. We had an attitude and a swagger amongst us. We knew when we went out there we were the best. We were arrogant and knew we were it. That attitude led us to a lot of wins and a lot of success as players and as a team.

Can you talk about draft day?

PB: I had a good idea going in that I was going to be the 4th pick to Baltimore, but until it actually happened there was apprehension and concern. I knew that it would work out, though. When they gave me the call I was elated. I made a visit there before the draft, but I just wanted to get into the NFL, so it didn't matter what team I played for. The majority of the day I was in talks with them, and they chose me.

You had a pretty good NFL career. How was that experience?

PB: I think I had a great career: NFL Rookie of the Year, 4 time Pro Bowler and won a Super Bowl. But it came down to the injuries for me. I had 7 different operations. My career ended a lot sooner than I thought it would, but it could not have been any better for me. When I stopped playing I had major knee and foot injuries. I could have come back from them, but I wouldn't have been the same player with the speed I had. I didn't want to come back and not be as good as I was before the injuries. I got to play with, in my opinion, the best middle linebacker in NFL history in Ray Lewis. He was such a great leader, and was a great student of the game. He was so intense, man. It was an honor playing with one of the all-time greats.

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

How often do you make it back to FSU?

PB: Every once in a while I will stop by and pop my head in to see what's going on. I try to support the program as much as possible. I stay in touch with some of the guys I played with and some guys who went to FSU. It is a great program with a lot of tradition.

What are your thoughts on the coaching changes?

PB: They are great changes….great changes. As fans and former players, we have to realize that it is going to take some time to get back to where the program was, but it is going to happen. I wish I could see them win every week, as that is how it should be. But it is a process and we have to be patient with it. It will take time to get there, but I have no doubt they will. There are great coaches there and some great players, now it is time to build upon that and move forward.

How is your brother doing? Did he end up at FSU because you went there?

PB: He is doing fine. He just got traded to the Texans. He is a scrappy player. He realizes that trades are part of the game, so he is just focused on playing the game and doing his best. He was interested in FSU in high school. I wanted him to go there, but I didn't push him in any direction. He went there, visited, and determined that it was the best fit for him to pursue his goals. He was a 3 year starter and had some success at FSU. I know for sure it is an experience he, not I, regrets.

What are your future plans?

PB: Well, I have some things lined up that I am looking at, but I have to just talk to the wife and see if they are possible. I am not looking at getting back into the NFL or anything, but I have some opportunities within the community that I am looking at. I love working with the youth and serving my community, so I am hoping that I can get some things going. I am not sure if it is going to be coaching or anything like that.

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