FSU Commit Anthony Hill Update

The Florida State 2008 recruiting class is currently ranked in the Top 10 overall. The first player to commit was Anthony Hill. Noledigest got a chance to talk will Hil about his senior season, recruits he speaks with, and FSU.

How has your senior season been so far?

AH: Everything is going pretty well. The work ethic is there for all of us and we have practiced well. We lost our first game, but should be able to rebound from that. As an individual I am focusing on my speed and technique. I have lost almost 30 pounds. I got on a scale the other day and I was 268 pounds. I have noticed that I have been able to move a lot better. When I went to the Nike camp I was about 303 pounds, and I felt sluggish.

You were the first commitment for the class of 2008. Why was FSU the school for you?

AH: I always wanted to be there. They have a great tradition as a program, plus they have sent a lot of successful defensive tackles to the NFL, which is my ultimate goal. Just being around there and the coaches showed me that is where I want to be.

Have the coaches talked to you about your weight loss in terms of where they want you to be?

They want me to get to a reasonable size. Coach Odell wants his guys around 285, so he told me to get around 275-280 coming in. He has stressed conditioning with me because it is vital to the game. They want me to work on my quickness and lateral strength.

Can you talk about your injury last year?

AH: I had a grade 3 separation to my shoulder. It actually happened when I was playing against current Nole Bert Reed. I was chasing him and jumped over the pile. I landed real awkward on my shoulder. The next week I played and played the rest of the year with it. It was painful, and I realized I can play through pain. I knew at the time that I had to step it up.

Are you still recruiting for FSU?

AH: I talk to some kids when I can, but since school has started I haven't been able to as much. I've talked to Matt Patchen, but told me he isn't committing until signing day. I have been talking to a lot of local kids. The guys committed have been real strong on defense, so I have been trying to help on the offensive side of the ball. I talk to the commits a ton. We have built a great chemistry; Nigel Bradham, E.J. Manuel and Moses McCray...we all stay in contact. The relationship we have should bode well for the future.

What are your goals before you get to FSU?

AH: I want to get to 260 pounds of losing fat. I want to build back up to about 275 of good weight. Speed needs to be a focal point. That is crucial in a Coach Odell defense. I need to be quick and move. And my strength needs to get there. I bench around 330, but we spent a lot of time on the field this summer. After I hurt my shoulder I couldn't lift for over 3 months, so I lost some strength. I want to get to 400-450 in the bench. I have been working at my squats too. I squat 450-500, but I am looking to get to 600-650. Each of these are attainable as long as I continue to work hard.

Have you decided when you are going to take an official?

AH: Probably the Miami game. It is going to be a really big game. The environment there is going to be amped up with a lot of enthusiasm. It will just be good to get to Tallahassee.

Are you still getting recruited?

AH: I was getting a lot of texts from Alabama and USF before the ban, but now I just get a lot of letters. I am 100% committed and I don't plan on not taking any other visits.


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