Walk on of the Week: Jeremiah Thompson

With Garrison Sanborn graduating this year, it was important for FSU to find a player who can continue the steady play as the team's long snapper. Errant snaps can cost teams dearly, so it is vital that the Noles continue to find players who specialize at this skill. Jeremiah Thompson, NoleDigest's Walk-On of the Week, hopes to be that guy who can get the job done for FSU.

Jeremiah is a redshirt freshman walk-on who has played the game of football for a long time. He says, "In high school I played linebacker and defensive end, as well as long-snapper. I started long-snapping because my brother did it, so I had him teach me how to do it." When asked if he ever hoped to see time on the field at FSU as a linebacker or defensive end, Jeremiah had this to say, "I would like to play some more special teams and stuff like that. Right now I am the second-team long snapper. Really I would like to focus on that. There is NFL potential if you can long-snap well. I could have a long career if I can do well at that position."

The life of a walk-on is tough. As we have seen through these interviews with other walk-ons, the road they take to FSU and how they got there is unique to each player. Due to scholarship limits by the NCAA, often punters, kickers and long snappers are the players who are asked walk-on. Often these are the guys who work the hardest on the scout team making sure that the team sees what is needed preparing each week for the game. "I got to FSU because I called up the coaches to see if they needed a long snapper. With guys graduating, they asked me if I wanted to walk-on. So that's what I did", Jeremiah said.

Often times fans think that special team players have it easy at practice, as they work on individual skills aside from what the rest of the team is doing. When asked what a normal practice entails for him, Jeremiah stated, "I usually get out the practice about a half-hour before practice starts so I can throw the ball around. Then I go through the team flex. After that we usually go right into special teams, working ABC teams. I usually work on punt snaps during this time. When the team breaks into their positions, I have a set workout that I do, which is usually about another half-hour. After that I am done for the day. I tend to hang around to get loose."

For the first time, Florida State has a designated special team's coordinator. Jody Allen has taken over this role as well as his duties as the defensive ends coach. Jeremiah states that "Coach Allen is a cool guy. Hopefully I will be seeing some time this year. I honestly do not speak to him that much, but when I do he is supportive. We have worked hard as a group to get better."

Coming off of the season-opening loss to Clemson, the team had a short week preparing for the game against UAB. As fans have seen the last few years coming off of Labor Day wins, the Noles have looked flat after short weeks against the Citadel and Troy. With the short week combined with the loss, many fans wondering what the state of the team was mentally. "We are just anxious to get back out there and play. We cannot look back at that game and wonder what if. We are still down a little bit because we know we didn't play to our potential. Now we just want to get out there and prove ourselves as a team" stated Jeremiah.

Walk-ons a great character guys for teams, and Jeremiah is no exception. His positivity and work ethic will allow him to succeed at Florida State, and maybe some day, have that career in the NFL as a long snapper that he wants. Right now his goal is to work on his political science major, improve as a player, and one day maybe earn a scholarship. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the play of Jeremiah as well as the rest of the Seminole team.

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