Is FSU out of it for Brown?

Arthur Brown,'s top player this year, is being recruited by the best of the best. Names like USC, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, and Alabama are just of the few that have been in hot pursuit of the Wichita, KS star. Last week a list of schools was posted on his mentor's web site, leading to speculation that FSU did not make the cut. Read on to find out if that is the case.

Florida State at this time has two of the top 5 linebackers committed for the 2008 class in Nigel Bradham and Nigel Carr. While any other player is icing on the cake, landing Arthur Brown would make that class legendary. When asked why FSU did not make it, Brian Butler had this to say, "It is true, FSU did not make Arthur's cut down to 16 teams. It is really a true question for him, but I know that the 16 other schools are a better fit for him."

When asked to discuss why FSU was not the fit for Arthur, Brian continued, "It is nothing negative, really. Based on Arthur's 4 criteria points: 1) position coach, 2) city, 3) strength and conditioning coach and 4) coaching personality; the others schools are better. He feels more comfortable with these schools. Listen, I compare these schools to each other. The head coach has an impact. When you have Pete Carroll calling four and five times, it makes an impact on you. Bobby Bowden called once, and he was not there when we went to our trip to the Florida schools. Are there schools on the list that Arthur has not heard from the head coach? Sure, but they fit the needs for him more. Every single thing plays a part in this."

While that information seems kind of discerning, it needs to be taken into context. When asked about how after his visit to FSU it became known that he really enjoyed the university, Brain had this to say, "FSU is a phenomenal school. Trip wise is was probably the best trip that the group took. Between Jerry Rice being there, it was great. All of the kids loved Myron Rolle. They had a great time. Arthur is a non-emotional kid, though. For him it goes back to relationships. Coach Lilly is a great recruiter, as he came by on numerous occasions. I know Bryce (Brown) really likes them. I have been in contact with FSU for a couple years."

If I am not mistaken, it seems as though things do not add up. Brown had a great visit, had a great recruiter, and was being pursued by a prestigious program. Brian was asked about this, which he said, "Listen, who is the position coach there, we don't know. Amato never called. One criterion is I told him he needs to go where they show they want you the most. I told him he needs to go to a school that shows him they are who really wants him. This has played a huge part in the decision. I think the whole transition to the new coaching with Amato is a timing thing that has hurt FSU. I will say this also, we never heard from Bob LaCavita until we came down for the visit. That is when they started recruiting Arthur."

One aspect that college athletes overlook is the academics involved in gaining a scholarship. "I truly feel about these criteria. The decision doesn't come down to me, but I do have a say. I talk to Arthur everyday and he asks me what coaches I spoke to and what they have said, so I know what is going on. Learning about the academics, meeting the staff, and learning about the academic advisors, we feel these 16 school give Arthur a good chance to evaluate himself and acclimate himself," said Butler.

"I just want to say that it is nothing negative towards FSU at all. When we compare everything, these schools fit better. Was FSU on late? No. Where they the first school to get on him? No. But the coaching staff and the contact that he has with them are vital, and he hears more from the other 16 schools."

So, it is now determined that Arthur will be playing his ball outside of the city of Tallahassee. It is a bit bewildering listening to the reasoning why the Noles are out, but it needs to be stated that the Noles are not hurting at the position he plays. There are still some questions left to be answered, but now FSU and their fans can move on from Arthur Brown and look forward to signing a great class for the 2008 season.

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