Hawkins talks about FSU

BOULDER – University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins held his weekly press luncheon Tuesday at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. He recapped last week's game against ASU & previewed Saturday's showdown against the Florida State Seminoles.Junior LB Brad Jones & redshirt freshman QB Cody Hawkins were also on hand to field questions from the media. The following are quotes from the session

Coach Hawkins

ON FLORIDA STATE'S TEAM SPEED—"Yeah, they can all run. Particularly when you look at them on defense, their front four can all motor. You know they've always had great speed among their skill guys, and they still do have that, but now you look at all 11 guys on defense and they can all run. I know they had their O-linemen thin up a little in the off season, and I think they are trying to stress speed to their O-linemen a little bit too."

ON COMPARING TEAM SPEED—"That's hard to say, but based off of film they look faster then we do. We're just going to have to be very detailed and execute. They have a lot of guys who can run to the ball on defense. You have to be real aggressive and make sure you get a ‘hat' on a guy and if you don't they're going to swarm you up."

ON FSU COMING TO PLAY AT ALTITUDE—"I don't know, there is probably a little bit of an edge there. But I'm one of those guys where I think there is a fine line there, it's not like we're running a marathon or a 10K and that is a big, huge issue. They have plenty of depth and guys they can roll in there, and that is a little bit of an adjustment, but I think that a little too much can be made of the outside conditions. It will have a little bit of an effect, but will it be a major one? No."

ON PLAYING A TEAM LIKE FLORIDA STATE—"We'll see, we're a very young team. We'll have to develop that as we go along. I hope that we can continue to build the program [where] it doesn't matter who you play, the juices are always flowing. Again, develop that kind of program where you have that kind of consistency that it doesn't matter who you're playing or where you're playing you're preparing and are ready to go. We'll see how they respond to it.

"I've never really been a guy that has been intimidated by who we play against or who we coach against. On the same token, I would never disrespect or overlook ‘Johnny Schaboiken;' it doesn't matter who you're going against. I think you have to have high expectations and its part of the game and part of the profession and it isn't a daunting thing. At the same time if you are playing someone that hasn't been around a long time you can't overlook them either."

ON FLORIDA STATE—"They are a little different from where they were last year, to some degree. I think that they are still adjusting and growing to that. I thought [junior quarterback] Drew [Wheatherford] did better against UAB then he did against Clemson. They are a team that is getting better and has played really well in the second half and are looking to play better in the first half."

ON FSU WIDE RECEIVERS' HEIGHT—"Well, you know [junior Wide receiver] Pat [Williams] is not a short guy, [senior wide receiver] Dusty [Sprague] is not a short guy. Our corners, when you're looking at [junior] Ben [Burney] and ‘T-Wheat' [senior Terrence Wheatley], they aren't little guys either. That is always a challenge and always something that they face, but Arizona State didn't have little receivers and we've seen other big receivers in the past. I don't think it is that big of an adjustment in terms of their height."

Linebacker Brad Jones

ON FLORIDA STATE—"They have a lot of skill guys, they are a really fast team. At least from watching film, if you give them an opportunity they are going to take advantage of it. They aren't a team that you can make a mistake and they won't capitalize [on] it, they will capitalize on your mistakes.

"UAB and Clemson were very different games for Florida State. Florida State threw a lot more at Clemson, personnel sets, packages, stuff like that. It was good to watch film on both games so you can see the different things they might throw at us. The Clemson game gives us a real good idea."

ON FSU OFFENSIVE WEAKNESSES—"I don't know, I think they are pretty good all around the board."

ON FLORIDA STATE'S RUNNING BACK—"I think Arizona State's running back was a shifty guy too, I don't think he was just a power back. I think Arizona State's running back was shiftier then Florida State's running back, although Florida State's running back is faster; he's real fast, he can go."

Quarterback Cody Hawkins

ON FLORIDA STATE DEFENSIVE PLAYERS—"If I have my eye on one guy, I'm probably not going to be doing my job very well. They have a lot of really good players. Geno Hayes, the linebacker, No. 10, is one of their really good players and he flies around and makes plays for them. They have a very talented secondary and are very strong up front. All phases are pretty strong, but I think that is the guy that is getting a lot of attention nationally."

ON GETTING TB HUGH CHARLES AND WR JOSH SMITH BACK—"Definitely, it always helps. Even if it was ‘Joe Schmo,' it's just another guy to have competing and getting reps at practice. But they aren't ‘Joe Schmo,' Josh is a great player and it is going to be awesome for him to get back in the mix. Hugh is a leader for us and a very dynamic back, and he gives us the ability to do a lot of good things."

ON ROOTING FOR FLORIDA STATE AS A KID—"I don't know, I was always a big Florida State fan growing up but I think as a little kid you're always kind of a front runner. I mean how many SC [Southern California] fans are there in the country right now? I mean every little kid wants to be a Trojan right now. I was the same way, I loved watching Florida State, they won a lot of ball games and they had a lot of athletes. Then when I got into high school I kind of drifted away from that and I started looking at schools for more then how many championships they've won and what color their uniforms were. It will definitely be a great opportunity and experience to play against the winningest coach in college football history [Bobby Bowden] and to play against a team that is that athletic and done those type of things in the past."

ON PLAYING A TEAM LIKE FLORIDA STATE—"I don't really know, I think our guys do a good job of getting up for every game, no matter who we are playing. They are going to play hard, I don't think we take anybody lightly or really stress out about someone either because when you come to Colorado and watch highlight tapes of past years they have played some great teams and have never shied away from great competition, and this year is no different based on our non-conference schedule."

ON GAME PREPARATION—"We had a lot of guys in here last night, we had another great meeting and like we said when we came in here on Sunday we were already thinking about Florida State, and so we got our stuff in and got our first ready list done and are ready to get after it at practice today."

ON HIS FIRST LOSS SINCE POP WARNER—"When you say a lot was made of it, it was so more you guys than it was us. We know that if we won nobody is going to do anything about it, nobody is going to pat you on the back and the team you're playing isn't going to bake you brownies before the next game. You're still going to have to go out there and play hard. So we came in last Sunday working hard to beat Arizona State and we came in this Sunday working hard to beat Florida State and that is just how we're going to do it because that's how our coaches have taught us."

ON FLORIDA STATE'S DEFENSE—"They do a lot of different things, and depending on the formation—we have a formation we call ‘double' and I was just in there watching a tape and they played five, six different coverages against that formation in the last two weeks and they did stuff last year that they haven't really shown yet that we are still getting ready for. I think that a lot is going to depend on how the game goes and how their defensive coaches adapt, but they are definitely capable of doing a lot of different things."

ON FSU DEFENSIVE GAMEPLAN—"If I was a defense I would want to come out and see what the freshman quarterback could do, I mean I look like 95 percent of guys on campus. I mean I of all people probably I am ‘Joe Schmo' playing quarterback. They are going to want to hit you in the mouth and throw a lot of different coverages at me and I just need to be ready for it. Colorado State was a great defense, they did their job and did their thing and we were lucky enough to make some plays. Arizona State was big and fast and they told us you aren't going to run the ball on us by stacking nine guys in the box, so you have to throw to win the ball game and we didn't do that. I think every week the team is going to provide a new challenge and I think with Florida State it is going to be a lot of timing, execution and then doing a little something extra once you get the ball."

ON PRIMETIME ESPN GAME—"I think that it is very calming when you're playing a home game; there isn't as much of the unknown factor going into the game. But it's the home opener and with it being on ESPN a lot of people around the country will be watching, but when you're out there playing you aren't really thinking about who is watching the game and stuff like that. When we're out there focusing on our assignments and trying not to get caught up in the atmosphere as much."

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