Top junior loves FSU

Jacobbi McDaniel, from Madison County high school, is one of the top players for the Class of 2009. Noledigest caught up with McDaniel to discuss his top 5 schools in order, recruiting, and his thoughts about FSU.

How is recruiting going for? Have you gotten any offers yet?


JM: Oh, yeah. It's going well so far. I have gotten offers from Ole Miss, Clemson, FSU, Georgia and Miami is looking at me right now too. I think it's good so far. It is still very early, though.


Who were you a fan of growing up?


JM: Florida State for sure. They have the winningest coach of all time there. My big brother loved them when I was younger, and he still does. Pretty much my whole household is Nole fans. You know growing up I had to follow whatever my brother was doing. We are all Nole fans here.


What coaches at FSU are in contact with you?


JM: Right now Jody Allen is my recruiter, but I have also been hearing from Coach Odell too. I talk to him every time I go to the practices and the games. Our relationship is getting better and growing. They have been in contact with me for a while, you know.


What do they talk to you about?


JM: They just want me to remain humble and keep doing what I do. They want me to continue to work hard in practice and continue to get better as a player and as a student.


There have been rumors that you are a silent commitment or at least a heavy lean to FSU. Is that true?


JM: I really like FSU, I like them a lot. As far as a commitment goes, I'm not committed right now. But, what is there not to like about them? They are 45 minutes from my house, they are a big time school and I can always go home if I needed to.


Do you have a top 5 at this time?


JM: I kind of do. I haven't really thought about hard, but I am going to start real soon. I would say it is FSU, Auburn, UF, Clemson, Miami and LSU. FSU is out front for me at this time.


How often do you make it to Florida State?


JM: Last year I went to every home game they had and some practices. This year I am not sure if I am going to go to them all, yet. I have gone to the one they have had so far (UAB). I know for sure I am going to the Miami game, as two schools I am looking at are playing. A lot of players here like Miami, too. I will definitely be cheering for the Noles in that game.


Madison has developed a pipeline to FSU. Do you have relationships with any of the players who are playing for FSU right now?


JM: Our offensive coordinator is always going to the games. I speak to Bernard Brinson and Geno Hayes whenever I see them. The one I am really close to Charlie Graham though. We are real real close. He talks to me about FSU some. He says the coaches there are great and if you want to get to the next level FSU is the school to go to. We talk a lot about them (FSU). The coaches as well as Charlie don't push me towards FSU. They are going to be 110% behind any decision that I make.



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