Myron Rolle's Weekly Q & A

We caught up with Myron Rolle for his weekly Q & A. This week he talked about UAB, Colorado, and his appearance on Jim Rome next week.

What are your thoughts about the UAB Game?

The UAB game was too close, but we came away victorious. I have heard people say that teams make the most improvement from week 1 to week 2. In some aspects there was improvement. For instance we had 31 missed tackles against Clemson, but we only had 15 against UAB. I realize that the Tigers have different caliber backs than the Blazers, but a stat is a stat. I would like for us to continue to improve every week. That will help us be the team that we know we can be. Personally, I graded pretty high in the game. And, like our whole team, there are areas of my game that need modification. So we have all been practicing like we are going to play this week in an effort to improve. It is all about improvements.

What about this week's opponent?

This week we play Colorado. They are 1-1 like us. They run several different personnel groups to confuse the defense. When they execute, they are a good football team. The QB is the coach's son. I remember watching a video on him in high school for the Elite 11 QB event. The starting running back hurt his hamstring so they have been going with a younger guy. If we attack and play smart at the same time, we will perform well.

Do you have any upcoming plans for next week?

Next Thursday, Jim Rome wants me to be on his show "Rome is Burning." I have watched the show in the past and it is very entertaining. I have not been able to watch it recently because of the practice schedule, but I will definitely be tuned in somehow when they air next week.

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