Lee staying optimistic

For the past three years, Drew Weatherford has been just a step ahead of fellow quarterback Xavier Lee. Lee has had a few shining moments such as his big game against Maryland last year followed by a 33-0 shutout of Virginia. That didn't last long however. Since then he has struggled and found himself where he has been since his freshman year; backing up Weatherford.

For the past two weeks, many have thought that Xavier Lee would see the field in some instances where his skills would better benefit the team over Weatherford's. Weatherford struggled early against Clemson but Lee never got off the bench during the entire game. Approaching the game against UAB, many expected a big win in which we would see Lee for most of the second half. That didn't happen either. The blazers kept it close the entire game and a change at quarterback was never made. Lee has tried his best to keep a level head so far. "I'm just trying to stay focused. Play the games in my head. Try to help my team any way I can. Try to help Drew out with some tips and just try to stay focused." Lee says the key to staying positive has been prayer. "Praying. I do a lot of that. Look to the future and just keep my eyes open."

Jimbo has said on a few occasions that he would like to try to work Lee into the game plan but it is still yet to happen. "We've talked about it but there's no telling what will happen during the game time, but you know, hopefully I get in there and make something happen." Lee says if he does get in, he knows how hard the altitude can be on him and the team. "I've been on vacation up there a couple times. It's pretty brutal, I mean you do a lap and you're dead. But we'll see how our team reacts; I think we'll do alright."

As for now, Lee can only hope for the best. Coach Bowden has said that they have a first string quarterback and a second team quarterback, and that is how it will stay. Jimbo has mentioned a few times that Lee is still inconsistent in practice and that it has had an effect on his playing time. Lee says he will continue to work hard and hopes that the power of prayer can lead him in the right direction for what is coming in the future.

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