Dalton Freeman Update

The FSU/Clemson game was a tough loss for the Noles. There were some big-time recruits that both schools are recruiting, one of them being Dalton Freeman. NoleDigest caught up with the Pelion, SC standout to talk about his thoughts on the FSU/Clemson game, his visit to Penn State, and his plans to visit FSU in the near future.

Can you talk about your trip to Clemson for the FSU game?


DF: It was a great game and a great atmosphere to be around. Clemson took it to FSU early, but FSU was able to come back, make it a good game, and almost win. It was an unofficial, and I have taken several there over the past couple years. It was a good time.


What are your thoughts on FSU from that game?


DF: I was watching their offensive line. It was good to see them progress as the game went on. They played a bunch of young guys, so it was kind of expected. After halftime you could see them play better and look better as a unit.


This past week you visited Penn State for your first official visit. How was that visit for you?


DF: It was good. It is big-time football there. I visited there this summer and knew that I wanted to take an official there to see how it was during a game. Anytime you get 110,000 people into a stadium, it is crazy. It was real loud there. They opened a restaurant there for us and we had lunch with Coach Paterno. That was a great time because he is a living legend. We went out and hung out with some of the players. I hung out with Deion Walker and D'Anton Lynn a little bit. Both are great guys, and Deion is an unbelievable athlete and person. We talked about some visits to schools we were taking; he mentioned that he was going to FSU for the N.C. State game. We are going to stay in touch from here on out.


Is FSU still in it for you?


DF: Yes, they are still in it. I just got off of the phone with Coach Trickett an hour ago. We talked about me coming there for a visit. I want to come there for the Miami game, but it depends what the time the game is and all. But that is the game I want to check out. Coach Trickett is a great guy and he is hilarious. He has a great sense of humor and he is easy to talk to. He shoots it straight to you and doesn't pressure anything on me. My brother was a big time Nole fan growing up. We always had posters on the walls and we always watched their games. They are one of my favorites growing up. I haven't spoken to Coach Bowden yet, but he is supposed to be calling me next week so I will be getting some phone time with him.


What aspects are you looking for in a school?


DF: A good degree that holds some weight. Mainly the comfort level I have with the coaches and players and if I feel at home there. I want to go to a place where I can win some ball games and play in some big games overall. Those are some of the things I am looking at.


Do you have a top 5 yet?


DF: No, not really. I working on a top 10 right now and I should have that sometime this week. FSU, Clemson and Penn State are going to be there, as those are 3 schools that have or are getting visits. I guess you can say that the other 7 schools are fighting for the other 2 visits. No one is ahead of the game right now. I am just going to continue to do research on these other schools and go from there.


How is your senior season going right now?


DF: It is going great. We are 4-1 right now, and I am playing both ways. I am doing real well on the offensive side, and I am second in tackles on the team from my defensive tackle position. I am trying to play my true freshman year, so I am working on where I need to be. Being 265-270 right now you can't make that happen unless you are incredibly strong. I just want to add some good weight. I am devoting myself to the weight room.

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