There's no place like Home

The 2005 ACC Championship game, was the last time Tony Carter was in Jacksonville for a football game since his playing days for Mandarin High School. He has been awaiting this game and can't wait to show his friends and family what he has been up to since graduation.

For the first time this season, the Florida State defense shut down an opposing offense holding Colorado to just 6 points. Much of that effort was helped by Tony Carter's 2 interceptions; one of which came in the end zone as Colorado was driving at the end of the game. This week, the task will be more difficult when playing a high powered offense in Alabama. The Crimson Tide has averaged 35 points a game through their first 4 and come in with a record of 3-1.

Carter thinks the defense has come a long way since a disappointing showing in the first couple of games. "I'm excited that we came together (against Colorado). We wanted the shutout but we didn't get it so we are going to fight the next game to try and get a shutout, play defense and sound football like we did this past game." Shutting out the Tide would be a large feat by the Seminoles. Alabama has not scored less then 23 points in a game, which came most recently in a loss to a very tough team in the Georgia Bulldogs.

Alabama has a talented core of receivers led by senior DJ Hall. Carter respects them and knows that the Florida State defense will have to step up in order to slow them down. "Alabama's receivers are a pretty talented group. They are very speedy with good size and they have a lot of talent. They are probably one of the best groups we are going to play all season. We are coming in this week and next week trying to get better on technique and the small things because when you are playing against good receivers you have to come with it every play."

This has been one of the most talked about games on Florida States schedule this season, but carries especially large meaning for Carter. Tony played his high school ball at Mandarin High School which is located in Jacksonville. He is excited about playing in his home town where he plans on playing in front of a lot of family and friends. "That's going to be lots of fun; I'm trying to get some more tickets so I won't disappoint anybody. It should be lots of fun. All my hometown friends and my family that don't make trips and travel will get to see me play - its going be something special to play in the city I grew up in." Carter is the leader among a young group of corners at Florida State who have played well thus far in the season.

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