OL Mack receiving major interest from FSU

One of the players that have begun to appear on FSU's radar is offensive lineman Cedric Mack, one of the top-rated JUCO prospects this year. NoleDigest caught up with the current standout from El Camino, by way of Miami Palmetto, to discuss how his recruitment is going, his interest in FSU, and possible visits he is considering at this time.

How is recruiting going for you right now?

CM: Honestly, I am not really focusing on it right now. I am focusing on my season right now and wanting to win nationals. Right now we are 3-1 and first in our division, so we have done well so far. I graduate in the spring, so I have the majority of the second semester to really focus on recruiting and figuring that out when the time comes.

What schools are you currently hearing from?

CM: I have a long list of offers, and I really cannot list them off of the top of my head. Right now I have 17 offers and schools like FSU are in the evaluation process right now. So that list may grow as the season goes on.

Do you have any interest in Florida State?

CM: Hell yeah, I am from Florida. My daddy was a long time Nole and I am from a Nole family. From all the way back in the day from all of the Wide Rights and Wide Lefts, I remember watching them and following them on television. For me, I liked all three schools and the things they did back in the day. Right now I don't have an offer, but like I said they are evaluating me.

Have you been in contact with any of the coaches?

CM: Not really. The FSU coaches have been in contact with my coaches, who in turn talk to me about what is going on. I would really like to get the coach's numbers so that I can talk to them myself to get a better gauge to what's going on.

Do you have any top schools at this time?

CM: Yeah, schools like USF, Oregon State, Florida State, LSU, Iowa State and Kentucky are all interesting to me, even though some may not have offered me yet. I don't have any visits lined up, but I may be heading to the Florida State/Miami game with Corey Surrency. I have to talk to my coaches and see what is going on. This is another reason why I would like the coach's number so I can talk to them about it.

Do you have an idea of schools you make look to for officials?

CM: Right now I want to take visits to FSU, USF, Iowa State, Kentucky and Oregon State. These are the schools I want to look at at this time.

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

CM: My strengths are my run-blocking and my aggressiveness. I work real hard. I am not too sure of my weaknesses. In no way am I perfect. I am a technician when I play, so I'd like to get better overall in my technique. I think my speed is good for my size, as I am running in the low 5.1s right now.

What aspects of a school are you looking at right now?

CM: Play time, prestige, how they run their program, how they players react to the coaches, if they respect their players. That is what is important to me as I go through this process.

What are your expectations and goals before heading to the school of your choice?

CM: I have already lost 25 pounds since school started, so I am down to 325 right now. I am looking to get to 305 before I get to college. I also want to work on my speed. I have been able to retain my strength as I lose this weight, so I don't think that is going to be a problem. My goal is to get my forty down to 4.9, and I think I can get that if I get down to 305. I move real well for my size anyway, and I think I'll get faster when I lose more.

Finally, when do you plan on graduating, and how much eligibility will you have left?

CM: I am graduating in the spring, and I will have 3 to play 2 when graduate here. I don't want to redshirt when I get to college, so I am looking to play right away.

Cedric is a big-time lineman who could add a ton of depth to the FSU line, maybe even start. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the progress of Cedric's recruitment during the 2007-2008 season.

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