Recap of Coach Bowden's Interview

A recap of Coach Bobby Bowden's teleconference interview with the media on Sunday afternoon.

On the QB situation- Not much of a question who is going to start but said its Jimbo's call

Reminded people of last year w/ X. Had a great game against Maryland.....but then came WF. He feels better about this year though

On the Defense giving up those scores at the end- Talked about how they shut out Colorado for about 58 minutes. Alabama scored too easy. Doesn't know if they are tired, or because of the prevent, or not aggressive enough. Mickey will be explaining it to him tomorrow

On Antone Smith- Made some important gains. Made some key first downs. He credited Bama's run defense

Said OL has to knock some people down...have to block to get Antone loose.

Said FSU belongs in the AP Top 25. Couldn't believe that they were not ranked. He said it's alright though....made a joke......don't know about those Yankees (laughing)

Mentioned that he doesn't know why Jody goes w/ Boston over Brown. Maybe because Boston is a better run stopper or seniority. Did say though....that some positions they do go w/ the younger guy.

A reporter asked him one word to describe Coach Amato. Bowden said....he is always a jump ahead of you in thought.

No comment on McNeil's status. Doesn't sound too positive about him returning. From what I hear....don't expect to see him this year.

Talked about Caz having 2 jerseys just in case he has to switch between OT and TE

Talked about how FSU fits in among all the 1 loss teams out there. You don't gain confidence by losing games. Said our defense is playing so good while the offense is trying to find themselves.

Talked about losing Overmeyer, and Sims.

Mentioned some of the moves on OL they had to make.

Said this game feels special to him. Compares this game to when he first got to FSU....and they played Nebraska, or Michigan, or Michigan State. Game gives them a sense that they belong to be mentioned nationally.

Talked about CONFIDENCE

Said the confidence of the team jumped sky high last night. Talked about how he watched the QB's for 4 years up in the tower......Said X just wasn't that consistent in practice but last Wednesday he was talking w/ Jimbo and he thought Xavier was ready to go. Didn't know how he was going to play. Made a couple of great throws early. Confidence picked up.

Said maybe one player can make FSU a contender or a pretender. X could be THAT guy. Next ballgame is important.

Happy for Joslin.....happy that he could get back.

Bama Game was something Dave Hart set up. Likes to be told things a year or two in advance and he'll agree to anything...he said last week......he asked Hart why did you schedule this game (joke). This game sentimentally got to him.

Talked about how he doesn't mind playing big time games on neutral sites but would prefer that it is located somewhere in Florida and hot.

On the Upsets last night.....the biggest one that surprised him was the Colorado Game. He said....we beat them so badly. Florida vs. Auburn surprised him too.

This game...helps the conference out.

Talked about FSU and Bama fan bases..........Bama people are crazy (joke). He thought Bama was going to outsell FSU in a FL site. First thing he did was look at the crowd......and everybody was wearing Garnet or Red on. Couldn't really tell....where the fans of the schools were. Saw the FSU Band....and the Million Dollar Band he loved growing up. All he heard all game was Scalp em'........He wanted to tell the FSU Band to be quiet for a little bit so he could hear the Million Dollar Band (Joke).

Mentioned that the #1 thing for a QB is that they can't make mistakes that help you lose a game. He thinks both QB's are past that.........Now its time to make plays.

On USF..........they deserved to be ranked that high. He ranked them right around there. They are playing winning football....He likes their head coach and coaches. Glad to see someone from Florida holding the flag.

On the D.......Front four is good. Colorado and Alabama coaches both praised their D. Coverage is getting better.

On Everette Brown...........When we signed him. We thought he had that potential. Had an outstanding game. Nice sacks.

They are settling in on personnel......and getting familiar.

On Geno Hayes........Geno thanked Bobby for letting him play. Chuck wanted to hold him out a little bit. Talked about the most important thing is that he learned a lesson. They checked Geno's High school, college, and talked to his folks.....and he's never been in any trouble.

Praised Odell........Said the DT's are probably the strongest part of the team. Have a lot of depth there.

Talked about how the OL responded well to Xavier. Said they must find out their advantage blocking. Feels the OL is making progress....they are not big....Trickett likes speed and agility. He'll build them up.

Overmeyer's injury could cause a far as depth is concerned. Talked about Caz going between OL to TE. Said losing Greenlee hurt

Mentioned that he & Mickey are from the same old school. Defense is FIRST. The D has given them a chance to win. Mickey is holding people.

On Xavier Lee's leash........Same thing they did w/ Drew. Gave Drew the 1st team job........and you're not going to jerk him (Xavier).

On Chuck Amato.......This game will be emotional for him. He's very passionate. Chuck's going to work hard. They have been very successful when Chuck and Mickey work together......that's probably why they are doing so well on D. Chuck hasn't bad mouthed NC State. Those are still his kids.....he wants them to do well...just not this week. Mentioned that they will know all of the player's ability because of Chuck's familiarity. Doesn't know if Chuck is rushing to be a head coach. Seems very reserved and patient. Coaching the LB's is really like his 2nd job. If Bowden is out of the office then Chuck handles everything. Such as problems, liaison in housing, lunchroom, and discipline.

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