Conversation with Chris Rix

FSU quarterback Chris Rix chats about a variety of subjects, most specifically the top-ranked Miami Hurricanes. The 'Noles are 1-3 all-time against teams ranked No. 1 in the AP poll. "You don't want to put your team in bad situations and you don't want to force things. But you also don't want to play the game scared. You don't want to approach the game conservative. I think we're going to need to execute perfectly and also get a couple of breaks in order to beat Miami," Rix said.


"Honestly I wanted to get back in there sooner. I had told coach Bowden I was ready. I just left in his hands. Whenever he wanted to put me back in there. I wasn't going to complain. I think he wanted to make sure I was OK, that I wasn't seriously injured... and also wanted to see what Adrian could do in there. I understand that. He said to be ready to bail him (McPherson) out. And I said OK. I definitely wanted to get back in there for my team. We needed points. I knew it was going to be a shootout. I wanted to be the guy to lead us in that shootout. I guess he (Bowden) did see that fire in me and I wanted to get back in there. And I wasn't going to let one hit keep me out.


"So far, since I've been playing college football, it was the hardest I've been hit. I wanted to get up, but I couldn't. Usually I can get up and not come out. But I couldn't breathe. I couldn't feel anything in my stomach. And I'm just thankful it wasn't anything serious... nothing was broken. After I caught my breath a couple minutes later, I told Randy Oravetz, Hey I'm ready to go. tell the coaches."


"I really can't stress how important this game is for our team and me especially. I think (Thursday) we got some of our confidence back, but this could really put that fire back in everyone."


"I think about that game all the time. And this is the measuring stick to see how far we've come and how much we've learned in this past year. But it's not going to be easy. It's going to be a war down there. And a matter of who wants it more. (On what stood out) I'd say just how hard they played. I had never played a team that talented that played that hard, especially with their secondary. I know the guys in that secondary are going, but I know they have experienced and talented guys in that secondary again. The game is always fresh in your mind. I think every player on this team is reminded of how they came up here and played us last year and beat us pretty convincingly. This is an opportunity to go down there and upset them in their house."


"You don't want to put your team in bad situations and you don't want to force things. But you also don't want to play the game scared. You don't want to approach the game conservative. I think the coaches will have a solid game play ready for this Saturday and it's a matter of us executing it. And not making big mistakes. I think we're going to need to execute perfectly and also get a couple of breaks in order to beat Miami."


"In my opinion, I think it's night and day from how we were least year and how we are this year in terms of relationships. Last year I was so focussed on myself and trying to do my job... I couldn't worry about anyone else. I think that's still some of my mindset this year, because I still have a lot to learn. I still have a ways to go. But I've realized I need my teammates and definitely have tried to reach out more. Hopefully they've seen that. I don't think it's to the point when I'm a senior... the perspective the players will have, but it's definitely progressed from where it was last year."


"I try to use it as extra motivation, extra fuel. That's really how I used it last night. That's really the first time that's really ever happened to me, so it was a surprise. You're either going to deal with it two ways: let it get to you, let it distract you, let it get inside your head; or use it as fuel to say, OK let's do something to quiet these people. That was my focus.I think the biggest things with me are my faith and not to letting it get to me."


"I think it's blown up a little bit on how much I read or how much I take part. If I hear something from my bother or my cousin, like, go check this out, I will. But it's not like I'm on there every week. I try to use that as motivation for my performance in order to prove people wrong because I love to prove people wrong who have doubt in me.I feel content with the way I played (against Clemson). We didn't have any turnovers, we moved the ball consistently, we did what we needed to do to win the game. If the coaches feel more comfortable, if they say something, great. If people outside the program say something, great. I can't control that. What matters to me most is my coaches and my teammates, what they think of me."


"I knew where most of the booing was coming from and it was the student section. I understand that. Whether they're freshmen or they're seniors, the students come to Florida State... I think it's safe to say... primarily for the football program. But they don't know everything that everyone in the football program knows. They have a much different perspective on me. All they see is wins and losses. I'm sure they were disappointed after (Louisville). I understand if they see, or people who didn't see the game hear 'Rix threw an interception and we lost the game.' That's all they hear, then not a lot of people are Chris Rix fans. But I can't stress enough how out of my hands that is. It's nothing I can control. I know it's a very small part of student section. And I just gave 'em a little look like OK, we'll see what the tone is at the end of the game. I didn't hear anything but cheers at the end of the game I didn't see any more signs."


"I think the big thing was realizing I didn't have to everything on my own. I didn't have to win this game by myself, because I have great teammates around me. That's something I've come to learn. That's probably the thing I'm going to have to demonstrate the most against them. How much am I going to rely on my teammates? Last year I tried to make too much happen by myself and the result wasn't a good one.I had a mindset of staying in the pocket longer. I've been making a conscious effort to stay in there and trust my protection a little more. It's definitely been a learning process, because all the way from growing up to high school, when something wasn't there, I was taught to run it. We didn't have progressions in high school. We had one man routes and if he wasn't there, run the ball. You're trying to learn it's a different game and some of the defenders are just as fast as you are. Hopefully I stayed in the pocket longer (against Clemson) and took another step in trusting my protection. I think the real test is whether I have happy feet against Miami or I trust my line."


"Florida State isn't the underdog in most games. It's a rarity around here for Florida State not to be favored. Hopefully the team will want to prove the nation wrong and show we can still compete with the best teams. Everyone on this team knows that."

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