Myron Rolle Q & A

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Myron Rolle recently to speak about his thoughts on the Alabama game, DJ Hall and NC State.

What are your thoughts about last week's game?

I was very pleased with our performance on Saturday. We played well against a very good team. Believe it or not, the fact that the offense began to click in this game motivated the defense to play harder. As a team I feel we executed and took many positives from the game.

DJ Hall is a very good receiver. He plays hard, cuts on a dime and has good concentration when the ball is in the air. It was evident that Alabama wanted to get the ball to him as much as possible.

What is your opinion of this week's opponent?

NC State is a team that I feel we need to control early. They have very good skill players such as Andre Brown and Darrell Blackmon. They beat us last year in Raleigh, NC, but this year the Wolfpack comes to Tallahassee. This game has an added story line with coach Amato, Stroud and Meyer all coming from NC State last year. I am sure those guys want to beat their old team as bad we want to beat NC State to revenge our loss from last year.

What are your feelings on not being ranked?

We cannot worry about what other teams are doing around the country. That is when you get beat. Several ranked teams loss last week, but our responsibility is to be victorious over NC State this week and then next week to beat the team that lines up in front of us. I think that is the correct mindset to have when trying to be a champion.

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