Walker excited about FSU visit this weekend

The Noles will host Kyle Long, who is on a general visit to the school, as well as big time WR Deion Walker. NoleDigest caught up with the Christchurch, VA standout the day before his visit to discuss what he is looking for in his visit to FSU, his parent's expectations on the visit and among other things the impact WR's Coach Lawrence Dawsey and OC Jimbo Fisher may have on his decision.

It is widely expected for a recruit of Walker's stature to be heavily recruited, handling several phone calls and reading tons of letters everyday. While some may not enjoy the process, Walker is one who does. When asked how his recruitment is going leading into his second official visit, he says, "Recruiting is going pretty well for me. Nothing has really changed too much but I have been getting a lot of phone calls, but I think that I can handle it. Right now I have 11 missed phone calls because I just got out of study hall. One of those calls is from Coach Dawsey. I have to call him back."

In Coach Dawsey's short tenure at FSU, his has been blazing the recruiting trails and has had a major impact on the improved play of the current Nole receivers. His impact on the recruits is being felt with the guys like Avis Commack, Nigel Carr and Jermaine Thomas. Deion Walker is another prospect who is familiar with Dawsey's abilities. "He is a pretty cool guy. I know if I where to go to FSU he would be my position coach and the guy I'd be spending the majority of my time with. I can really see myself playing for the guy. We haven't talked that often yet, but we have lately. He really knows the game seeing how he has starred and gotten it done on every level he has played on. I have to mention too that Coach Fisher has a lot going on with his offense and he has a proven track record with what he has done at LSU," stated Deion.

The level of importance of this visit is huge for both Walker and FSU. Walker needs to see several things in the Noles that will allow them to stay at the head of the pack of schools pursuing him. FSU is looking for a few playmakers, and Deion fit's the bill. When asked what are some of the things that he wants to see in the Noles, Deion stated, "I am definitely excited to get down there for my visit. I can't wait to get down there. We are leaving early Friday morning. I really just want to check out the game environment and how the offense moves the ball. I have to say I am interested in seeing how Xavier Lee does because I think he is kind of like E.J. Manuel. Watching Lee will show me how the offense may work with Manuel. I am not sure who the starter will be, whether it is Xavier, Drew or E.J., but it will give me the chance to see how the offense is. I know that from watching the Alabama highlights the offense looked good with Lee in there."

The fact that both Deion's parents are making the trip with Deion is important. Deion's father came with him on his unofficial this summer and came away impressed. Now he and Deion's mother want to get an inside look to what the FSU program is, especially when it comes to the players within the program. Why is this important? Both of Walker's parents have been hearing negative things about FSU. Walker goes on, "They really want to check out the players that I would be around because they have been hearing a lot of bad stuff about the players, saying that FSU is nothing but thugs. Everyone from random people to coaches from other schools have been telling them that they would be making a mistake letting me in that situation (of playing for FSU). We hear it a lot from outside people. But my grandmother liked FSU, I liked them as a kid, so I need to check that for myself and not listen to what is said." There is little doubt that this superstar wideout will make an impact on the college level. When asked how he would impact an offense, Deion said, "If I played early, I feel I can come in and stretch the field. I am not a possession receiver, as I am a guy who likes to ignite the offense with the big play potential. I feel I am a deep threat and that I can stretch a team's vertical game. I can bring that immediately to the team I choose to play for."

One school that has long been in consideration for Walker has been Penn State. A few weeks ago he took his first official there for the Notre Dame game. "That visit went pretty well. The fans there were pretty crazy and probably the best part of the visit. The environment was great and it was nice to see them pass the ball well. The fans are what really stood out, though, in terms of that visit. I thought it was cool that they were chanting my name and all."

Something that has put a bit of a damper on Deion's senior season has been the lingering turf toe injury he sustained in the first game this year. "It has been hurting real bad," said Deion. "I played Friday and I was triple teamed all game, but we were able to get the win. When I was out the team didn't score until the 3rd game of the season. But I am slowly healing and getting better. I just want to get better on the field," mentions Deion.

There have been rumors that an early decision may be made for Deion, but that is not the case, especially now that he was told his school will not allow him to be an early-enrollee. That goal was a big one for him, but now he will have to wit until the summer to get to the school of his choice. With the added time, he states he can make sure he takes one other visit for sure, "I am going to play all of this by ear. I am not going to make a commitment to anyone without seeing Southern Cal. I have been told I would be doing a disservice to myself by not visiting there. I don't want to sell myself short with this, so nothing will be done until I check them out."

This is a huge weekend for Florida State, so a good showing off and on he field is important to the final decision the Deion makes in early December. If everything falls into place, the Noles could come out of this weekend leading for the Virginia star. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for post-visit updates with Deion as well as further coverage on the standout's senior season.

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