Walker loves his visit to FSU

This weekend Florida State hosted Scout.com's 6th ranked wide receiver in Deion Walker. Coming into the visit the Noles have been considered one of the top teams leading for the services of the Virginia star. NoleDigest caught up with the Christchurch standout to talk about what stood out about his visit, his relationship with the coaches and plans for visits the rest of the season.

"My visit went real well. I had a good time, a real good time there," stated Deion. FSU's environment is often considered one of the best in the country. With some of the best fans around and one of the nicest stadiums in the entire country, it is hard to not have a good time attending a game. Environment is one aspect that is playing a factor in Walker's decision and he felt that contributed to the visit saying, "The environment was great. They have a nice game day environment, and that is something that I really wanted to see. During the delay I was wondering what was going on, but after (the delay) the crowd got louder which got me a lot more hyped up. And then seeing Chief Osceola that was real crazy. Having watching it on television I had seen it before, but seeing it in person go me hyped and ready to go. That was crazy seeing it."

Deion has mentioned that his position coach will also play a factor, and he had several pleasant things to say about Lawrence Dawsey. "I talk to Coach Lilly all the time, because he is my primary recruiter. Like I said before, I had been talking to Coach Dawsey a lot lately. Knowing that I may have for four years as my coach; I needed to see what was up. I was very impressed with him. He is a good guy and my parents loved him. He and Coach Fisher are great coaches. They talked to me about how they planned on using me, what kind of receivers they are looking for and what they like to do offensively. The talked about how they want to use me for a deep threat, and how I can be used in the screen game because of my ability to run with the ball," states Walker.

Like the majority of the receivers out there, the offense is a key dynamic in making a decision on which team to choose. For Deion, this is one of the biggest factors for him. The offense, as we know, has gotten better as the season has progressed, and that is something that Deion has noticed. "I thought the offense played really well. They threw a lot, and that is something I was looking for and that was a great thing to see from them. They have been getting better. In 2-3 years, this program will definitely, definitely be back as they are on the rise right now. They are going to do some special things. They have goals that I think they are going to be able to accomplish," expressed Deion.

Meeting and hanging out with players was something that Walker liked about his trip to FSU. Earlier this week NoleDigest did an update with Deion where he said he and his parents had been hearing some not so positive things about the current players at FSU. When asked about the players, Deion said," Spending time with them and Dawsey were the highlights for me. They were telling me what Tallahassee was about. I had a great time with my host Bert Reed. He is a real cool guy and we meshed really well. He is like me where he won't sugarcoat things and will say how things really are. He was telling me that if I wanted to go to a school that had a good program, good academics, and a place where I could go out from time to time that Florida State was the best choice to make. We talked about if I would like it there and stuff like that."

With regards to his parents, Deion stated that he hasn't gotten a good chance to talk about the visit, but they had a good time. "I wanted to talk to them in the car some about it, but I kept falling asleep. My dad wanted to meet Coach Dawsey because he would be my position coach. I know for sure he really liked him. I know my mom had a good time and that she was happy to be there. Even with the rain and the delay, she was cheering for FSU. They met Bert (Reed) and Xavier Lee, so I think they got an idea of the players in the program," mentions Walker.

For some kids facilities are a key aspect in making the final choice. For Deion that is one thing that he has not paid attention to, saying, "I don't focus too much on the facilities. These schools have so much better facilities than what my school has right now, so I know any school will have good ones. I know the difference between the good and bad ones, though."

Another part of the visit that Deion and his parents enjoyed was meeting the academic support teams and advisors. "I met with the academic advisors and the guy who heads the major I am considering, actuarial science, which pretty much studies risk analysis using mathematics. FSU has an undergrad program with this major, so that is a plus if I do decide to pursue that degree," says Deion.

Deion's official to Florida State was his second visit, the first being to Penn State. Penn State is another school that is in the running for him, and he talks about the two visits and how they compare. "This visit was pretty cool. The people up north and down south are two different types of people. It is hard for me to explain, really. I feel I meshed well with people at both schools. The fact that I hung out with Kyle Long some was cool because there was another guy from Virginia there."

Both programs have two of the best coaches ever, two legendary guys who are still in their long time battle for the all-time wins record: Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. "I took a lot of pictures with Coach Bowden. He told us some stories, talked about the tradition of FSU and about religion. My mom was impressed with him. Both of them (Bowden and Paterno) are a lot alike in that they both like to tell jokes and are both easy to talk to. They are very similar," said Deion.

Having two of his officials out of the way, Deion has three trips available before he makes his decision sometime in December. Deion explains, "I have an official to Notre Dame November 3rd. I plan on going to USC probably December 1st. I will have one trip open after that and I am looking at LSU, Florida, Cal, Michigan and Nebraska as possibilities. I am not sure if I will take a fifth, though. I also really, really want to get back down to Florida State for an unofficial for the Miami game. It is an expensive plane ticket and a 14 hour drive to put together in a short period, but I want to go because it is going to be a huge game. Plus, E.J. (Manuel) is going to be on his official then, and I think Kyle Long may visit for that game too. It would also be really cool to hang out with the players again. I liked them. I may try to get to Penn State again too, but I'm not sure."

Bottom line, it comes down to if FSU met the expectations of Deion coming into this visit. With an offense that passes the ball, his potential position coach and the environment all being factors in his decision, it seems as though it was a successful visit. When asked why he rated his visit a 9.5 out of 10, Deion said, "Being that nothing is perfect, I rated it that. There is no other reason really (laughs). All of my expectations were met this weekend. This visit keeps them right at the top of my list for me. I won't say that I have it in order, but the Noles are there. I really thought about committing. I truly did. I talked to my parents about it and they said if that was my decision they would support me 100%. They also said to make sure I was sure I didn't want to make anymore visits. I don't want to sell myself short and not go to USC for a visit, so I am going to go. But I came close to pulling the trigger this weekend."

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