5 star WR ready to visit FSU

This weekend may be the biggest recruiting weekend of the year for the Seminoles as they host archrival Miami on Saturday. One recruit that will be there is 5-star JUCO standout Corey Surrency. NoleDigest caught up with the El Camino star to talk among other things about his expectations regarding his visit, his relationship with Jimbo Fisher and a possible decision time he is looking to make.

El Camino is one of the top JUCO programs in the country, and this year is no different. For Corey, it has been a personal struggle as he has faced double and triple teams all season. But, he thinks that is changing, saying, "Our season is going alright right now. I am still getting the double and triple teams, but it is getting better because our quarterback is getting into a rhythm and he and I are beginning to gel with each other. Going into our final 5 games I think I am going to end well because the offense is getting their major back. I really expect great things out my team and myself."

Two weeks ago Surrency made his official to LSU, which was an experience for him that was memorable. "The coaching staff is real down to earth. The game day atmosphere was electric. I really liked all of the coaches. They are really laid back and I like that. They really made me feel at home when I was there. Between the fans and the coaches, it was great overall," stated Corey. When asked why he did not pull the trigger after such a standout visit, he said, "I want to give FSU a fair shot, and I told Coach Fisher that I would not commit anywhere without first seeing FSU. The LSU coaches respected that."

Corey's relationship with FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher has been a reason why the Noles have stayed at the top of his list throughout the early part of this process. "I have a real nice relationship with Coach Fisher. I would say we talk about once a week, and he, like the coaches at LSU, stays in regular contact with my mother. We talk about how he'd use me in the offense and that they need some playmakers. I am really excited to get down there and see what FSU is about," mentions Surrency.

Recruits often really enjoy their visits to FSU and often times those visits turn into commitments. For Corey, he doesn't plan on committing after his visit, but he is looking for some aspects in particular, saying, "I'm pumped. They play Miami, which is the school from my hometown. Kayne Farquson plays for them, and it's going to be nice seeing him. I am real close with J.R. Bryant, and he tells me a lot about how exciting it is there. I want to see the academic side and the facilities. LSU has a huge facility only for the players, and I thought that was cool. I want to see the academic support staff they have there. I want to see who is going to be behind me supporting me if I decide to go there. I don't want to be left alone once I get there. This is a big visit for me."

When asked what he feels he'd bring to the FSU program as a player, Corey feels that he'd bring the playmaking ability that resembles Nole greats like Peter Warrick and Anquan Boldin. "I've been watching some games this year. It looks like Xavier is just getting the position down as he hasn't had a lot of experience. I'd like to see them win the ACC. I'd like to go to a team that is successful. With LSU they are on top, but they have a lot of players at receiver. With Florida State, I think I can come in and help turn the team around and help them get back to the top. I think they don't have the playmakers, and that's where I'd come in. Coach Fisher tells me all the time I could come there and once I get there I'd be playing. I can't sit and wait like I'd have to at LSU. I have two years left to play. I need to get in there, and FSU can bring that. The Noles have a real nice defense, but they need the Peter Warrick type. I really feel that's what I'd bring because I catch well and I run well with the ball," says Surrency.

With an expected graduation date in December, look for the JUCO star to make a decision before his graduation. There is one thing that Surrency says he plans on doing immediately after his FSU visit, "The 1st thing I am doing, and I mean as soon as my visit to FSU is over, is de-committing from Colorado. It's going to be either FSU or LSU for me. I am going to go home, think about things, compare the coaches, facilities and fans, and go from there."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for an update with Corey after his official as we track the 5-star's sophomore's season.

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