Trickett on the Offensive Line

Following practice, Rick Trickett stopped to talk to NoleDigest about what has been going on with the Offensive Line. He spoke with us about what went on at Wake Forrest, who his best offensive lineman has been so far and what needs to be done to get the running game going.

Coach Trickett has had a few days to reflect on the teams 24-21 loss to Wake Forrest. The offense managed 283 yards through the air while rushing for only 47 yards. Trickett's thoughts reflect what the stats tell us. "I thought we pass blocked pretty good; we can't run block nobody. Run blocking is an attitude, it's all an attitude." Trickett said, "Its everybody. It takes wide outs, takes the quarterbacks, takes the tight ends, takes the linemen. If you got a running play, you've got to strain for 6, 7, 8, 9 seconds. When you call a pass play, wide outs run a pass route, quarterback drops back to throw and the ball is gone in 3 to 4 seconds. We're pretty good at that. It's the last 4 to 5 seconds that we're not in sync. We just gotta get an attitude."

Trickett went on to say how the running game is all about getting a mentality that it can be done. "You have to think you can run the football, and you have to want to run the football; and I think we do. The majority of it up front isn't as much effort as it is technical. The younger guys are doing it like you coach it and I still got some bad habits I can't get broke with some other guys. That's a lot of our fault."

This week the line will look to get back senior David Overmyer. Unfortunately they will most likely be without freshman Rodney Hudson. "Yeah (good to have Overmyer back), but it's a bad time to lose Rodney. Rodney Hudson is my best lineman right now, but I'm glad to have him (Overmyer) back. (Overmyer) Didn't do bad today. Of course he's had three weeks rest though. So he ought to be fresh."

Defensive end Calais Campbell will be looking to spend as much time in the Florida State backfield as he can Saturday. He will be the number one priority of the Florida State offensive line this week. "He's a good player. Big old, long, tall guy. Long arms, you know, he's got reach. I thought we handled 98 (Jeremy Thompson) half-way decent up there. They think he's a first 2 round guy. We had a young guy in there, Bellamy, who gave up some pressure there at the end. I think we've had 74 in a row now without a sack. Like I said, we pass block pretty good."

When is comes to grading his offensive line at the half-way mark of the season, Trickett is still waiting for the unit to click. "I think we pass block pretty good, we do things on screens. The running game just hasn't come together for us. The passing game up front used 5 linemen and a running back. Everybody else is running routes. When you get in a running game it takes all 11. We're just not getting it done. When we do get it done, we get a 15 yard run but a holding penalty. You just gotta strain a lot more when running the football. You gotta move your feet and work hard."

Saturday will be the first time in 30 years when FSU and UM play each other while both being unranked. Florida State rushed for just one total yard in last year's game. Trickett looks to have his line ready to greatly improve on that this week. The game will kick-off at 3:30 p.m. and will broadcast regionally on ABC.

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