OL Freeman set to visit FSU this weekend

For anyone watching the Seminole offense this year, it is easy to see that the offensive line is a position of need for the 2008 recruiting class. NoleDigest had a chance to catch up with Dalton Freeman, the Pelion, SC standout to get his thoughts on his upcoming visit to FSU, his thoughts on Trickett, and some of the things he wants to see on his 3rd official visit.

Getting a chance to go through the recruiting process is a once in a lifetime chance for these players. Dalton Freeman is one of those kids having a good time, saying, "Recruiting is going good for me right now. This is an enjoyable process and it is once in a life thing I get to go through. Besides that, my season has been going very well as we are 7-1. We have a huge game this weekend against Columbia. They are ranked 2nd in the state and we are 6th. Whoever wins this game is probably going to be the regional favorite."

This is a big visit for Freeman as FSU was one of his childhood favorites as a kid. This visit provides a chance for him to see some of the things many dream of. "I am excited about this visit. Definitely excited. I want to spend some time with Bobby Bowden, see Doak and I am looking forward to seeing the academic side of things. Both of my parents, as well as my older brother, are coming with me," said Freeman.

It is not uncommon for prospects to have some expectations going into their official visits. Dalton is a kid who has some things he has been looking for in each school he sees, and he tells NoleDigest what those are, "I just need to see if it's a place I can fit in at. I want to see if I mesh with the players and coaches, and see how they act with the players. I want to meet the academic support people because it is important that I get a degree that carries some weight. Stuff like the game day environment and stuff is cool and it is nice to see, but there are more important things for me in the school I choose."

Dalton's primary recruiter from FSU is offensive line coach Rick Trickett. He has been working hard in the recruitment of the 4-star lineman. "Coach Trickett and I stay in touch. He tells me he needs me really badly and that he would love to coach me and have me as a future Nole. I can really see myself playing for him. Right now he is telling me I can play anywhere on the line. I don't have a preference as long as I can play and help the team," states Dalton.

Freeman has been paying attention to the progress of the Noles in their 2007 campaign. Realizing the coaching staff is new and changes are being made, he says, "I have seen FSU several times this year. I saw them against Clemson, and watched the Colorado and Wake Forest games. They are a team that is growing and they are in a rebuilding process. I was on the internet a few days ago and saw they have a few 5-star players and are building a great class so far. I do pay attention to that stuff. Deion Walker has been contacting me some. We met at the Penn State game and we talk about recruiting and stuff. I am looking for a team that is winning, not necessarily the top team. FSU is not doing that bad at 4-2. You look at the class they are brining in and you can see they are going to be that much better soon. That is a positive in that aspect."

While there are no schools leading at this time, Freeman did take an official to Colorado when they upset Oklahoma. "That was a good visit for me. It was a good environment. The unity the team has was nice to see. The staff and the players are all on the same page and they do the right thing. They try to be positive about everything. I know my parents were impressed," said Freeman.

For the Noles to make more headway in the recruitment of Freeman it is simple what they can do, "A combo of the things I mentioned will make this a good visit for me. I need to be picky and look at some things. Just seeing the campus and the academic side will make this visit a good one."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for a post visit update with Dalton as we track his progress throughout his senior season.

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