Wells will be visiting FSU this weekend

This weekend is turning into a who's who in terms of who is visiting FSU for the Miami game. One of the players making a visit this weekend is Keith Wells, the standout defensive end from Gainesville, GA. NoleDigest caught up with the FSU commitment for a quick update to talk about how his season has been going and what he's looking forward to this weekend in Tallahassee.

For most of the players around the nation, the season is just past its midway point. For Keith, it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride during his senior season, "This season has been up and down for me. The first few games were rally great, but now we are on a 3 game losing streak. During that time I have been playing with a dislocated shoulder. It has popped out twice. I was told that I don't need surgery, but I do need to get in some rehab and strengthen up the small muscles in and around my shoulders. Other than that, it has been okay."

When Keith committed to FSU, he told NoleDigest at the time that the Miami game was his targeted date he was looking to come in and visit. "I think this is going to be an official for me. More than likely it will be the only one I take. Like I said before I'd only go somewhere to watch a game and if it was okay with the coaches. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend so I can get down there to see more of the campus and hang out with some players," said Wells.

For Keith, there are some goals he has that he wants to attain with this visit, saying, "I want to meet a lot of commits, guys I have talked to but never met. These are the guys I am going to be going to school with the next 4-5 years so I am looking forward to getting close with some of them. I really want to see the game atmosphere. This is the Miami game, so I am sure Doak is going to be rocking. It's a big deal and the environment is going to be good. I've seen the locker room and facilities and all of that, but I want to get another chance to tour the campus."

One of the goals that Keith really talked about was putting in time helping recruit some of the players visiting that are not committed to a school at this time. Keith said, "Being that I am 100% committed to FSU, I want to get there and hang out a bit with the coaches and see what's up. I am getting there several hours before the game starts. I want to help recruit as much as I can on this visit and help get some of these guys to join us at FSU. I still talk to some uncommitted prospects, but since my season started I haven't had the time. This gives me a chance to do that. Also, once my season ends, I am going to be hitting it hard again."

Florida State fought very hard to land the services of Keith, who is one of the best defensive ends in the Southeast this year. He says that the coaches are still in constant contact, and the relationship he's built with his position coach is great. "I still hear from the coaches a lot. Coach Jody Allen calls me every week to see how I am doing. That is cool because he's going to be my position coach. I get written letters from 3 other coaches wishing me luck and telling me how happy they are that I'm a Seminole,' mentioned Wells.

While he didn't say much, Keith did say several times that he is excited to get down there for a game and root for the Noles. The chance to finally see an FSU game in person is the biggest thing for Keith, and he hopes to see a win this weekend at Doak. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for an in-depth update with Keith after he makes his much anticipated visit to FSU.

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