Myron Rolle Q & A

Noledigest had the opportunity to catch up with Myron Rolle recently to speak about his thoughts on the Miami game, his friendship with to Miami players and his thoughts on the big rivalry game against Miami.

Can you tell us about your thoughts on the rivalry?

The Miami vs. Florida State game has always been a heated rivalry. I remember watching the games in the past where players would meet at the 50 yard line and get into it before the game started. Then when the game started, the talent level was amazing. I remember someone telling me that those Miami vs. FSU games I am talking about were the closest things to an NFL game in college.

This year will be different for you right?

I did not play much against Miami last year. It was the first game of the season and Coach Andrews felt I was not ready yet. So technically, this will be the first time I truly play against Miami. I am excited and the spirit of the team is in accord with mine - all of us are ready to go.

Can you talk about your friendships with two Miami players?

My best friend from high school, Luqman Abdallah, plays defensive tackle for Miami. We talk at least three times a week. We are close, but now that it is game week our conversations have been mostly trash talk. I am also close with Javarris James who plays running back for Miami. Whenever he comes to Tallahassee, he will stay with me and we will hangout. But on the field...there are absolutely no friends.

My Jim Rome piece will air on Friday at 4:30 PM (ET). I hope I did a good job and I hope Jim Rome wishes us good luck against Miami.

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