Coach Bowden talks with the Media

On Sunday morning, Coach Bobby Bowden sat down with the media to discuss the Miami game, and what the future quarterback situation will be here at Florida State.

On the possibility of starting a lot of the younger players instead of veterans:

"It's too early for that; there are too many big challenges out there. We might be able to put it together for sixty minutes. You know if our defense would have made that stop, we wouldn't be asking all these questions about the quarterback."

On some of the injuries to the defensive line:

"We've lost two of our best tackles and they ran the ball successfully enough to cause a problem."

On Antone and the running game:

"I thought we blocked better. If you give Antone a hole, he will fly through there. He's got speed and if you give him a crease he will make some yardage."

On the quarterback battle:

"I can't wait what to hear what Jimbo has to say because I have left the decision in his hands. When we get together and look at the tape, we will discuss what we should do this week because sometimes Xavier starts so strong and finishes not so good. I don't want to throw away the season yet and go with the younger guys."

On Florida State's Preparation for the fake field goal:

"That's something. I know we prepared for the fake punt because that's what they did last week. I said any coach that will do it once will do it again. If they had tried a fake field goal then we should have seen it. Boy somebody fell asleep on that one.

On having a FOR SALE sign on his lawn this morning:

"That sign ain't there anymore, that's for sure. I can probably use it later for when I really do move and save a few bucks."

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