Noles get a Commitment from 5 star WR

The Florida State Seminoles landed a big time target on their board.

Why did you commit to FSU?

Corey Surrency-I've been away from home for a little bit. I came back here and everybody was nice. Everybody appreciates me. This was a nice fit for me. I can play right away here.

How did you enjoy the game?

CS--It wasn't like I expected but it was good. It was nice.

What kind of impact do you think you can make next year?

CS- I was talking to E.J. Manuel the whole game and we can bring FSU back. I can be a playmaker that they need. I can just picture myself out there. LSU is a great school too though.

What will your major be?

CS- Criminal Justice

Who had the biggest impact on your decision?

CS-To be honest, Sir. A mentor named David helped me out. He had faith in Jimbo Fisher. I just want to have my own show.

Will you be graduating in December?

CS- I am shooting for December. I am just worried about getting A's.

Talk about your relationship with Coach Fisher and Dawsey?

CS- I just met Coach Dawsey. Coach Fisher calls my mom every week. He calls me and I call him. We talk about football or whatever. I am signing my life off to Jimbo Fisher. I have faith in him.

Who hosted you?

CS-J.R. Bryant hosted me. He took me out last night. It was a nice atmosphere. J.R. is famous. I gotta get his stadium status.(Laughing)

Anything you want to say to the Seminole Nation?

CS- I am going to try my best to bring back FSU to what it was. Me and E.J are here. I appreciate all of the love the fans showed me as well.

Corey Surrency

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