OL Freeman gives FSU visit very high marks

Offensive linemen are a major need for FSU in the 2008 class. On of the targets on FSU's board is 4-star Pelion star Dalton Freeman. NoleDigest caught up with the standout to talk about his visit to FSU, his thoughts on Rick Trickett and among other things where FSU stands at thins point after his third official visit this past weekend.

Following the trend of the other updates we have done after the huge recruiting weekend, Dalton had a great time in Tallahassee this weekend. He said, "The visit was great. Getting a chance to meet Coach Bowden in person was an honor. We spent 45 minutes with him on Sunday. We talked about the program and how they need offensive linemen to help them rebuild the program. He's a living legend. Also meeting the other coaches was very cool. The atmosphere and the facilities were top notch. There was nothing at all I didn't like."

Freeman's official to FSU was his third official visit, after taking visits to Penn State and Colorado. When asked where this visit compares to the others, Freeman stated, "Its right up there at the top. Doak is the largest brick structure in North America. When they told me that I thought it was going to be kind of old looking inside, but it was very nice and neat. It was very cool seeing that in person and it's impressive. The fans at FSU are great. They were very loud and seeing the Warchant in person with 85,000 people chopping the arm was a sight to see."

While the game's turnout left a lot to be desired for the Noles, the recruits came away very impressed. Dalton said, "It was a very cool game. The fans and the crowd made that game fun to be there. Even though they got beat you could see the potential is there to turn it all around, and you could see that the fans are a spark for them. I cannot imagine how they were during their dynasty run."

One of the goals for Freeman on his visit was to see how Trickett was with his linemen. He spent a lot of time in the pre-game watching them warm up, paying a lot of attention to Coach Trickett and the current players on the team. He said, "I was watching the personnel and how I'd relate to them and where I'd fit in. I also watched how Trickett interacted with them. I really like the way he coaches. I agree 100% with what he says, and I cannot say that about the other coaches I've spoken to throughout this process. He is a proven coach, is the best, and if you listen to him he'll get you to the NFL and make you a successful coach. I can see myself playing for him and FSU."

One of the things FSU started this weekend was an innovative 3-D presentation showing the highlights and such of the season. For Dalton, that was a great aspect to be apart of, "The 3-D thing was pretty cool. It was a highlight video and I thought I was there. It is the 1st time it's ever been done so it's neat to be apart of something that's new and innovative."

Not only was Freeman impressed with the facilities, Coach Trickett and the fans, but he got a long great with his host, Will Furlong. Dalton stated, "He is an awesome guy. He is a family oriented like I am, and I liked that. He took care of me when I was there. When I was meeting with the coaches he spent a lot of time with my family. I met up with him and we hung out at his apartment and went out on Saturday night. I clicked with him and got along with him really well."

Dalton's family came along with the Pelion standout, and they also came away impressed with what they saw. He said, "My parents enjoyed it. We got into the hotel Friday. My older brother came with us and he is a huge FSU fan. He is a die-hard Nole and a big part of this process. Without him beating me up in the backyard when I was a kid, who'd know where I'd be? I wasn't going to come here and not let him be apart of the visit. As kids we shared a room and he covered the walls with FSU stuff. I had to be like my older brother so I took a liking to FSU. It was neat finally seeing the place in person and knowing that in a matter of months I could be playing there. It was a dream come true."

One of the recruits Dalton spent a lot of time with was all-everything star E.J. Manuel. Freeman stated that they got a long pretty well and they talked about recruiting. "E.J. Manuel is an awesome guy. He is the kind of player you build a franchise around. He is a great athlete and a great person. I can see why FSU is building their program around him. He told me he wanted me there to help protect him. He didn't pressure me or anything like that, though. Also, I liked talking to Andrew Datko. He didn't say too too much but he is a pretty cool guy. I got along with both of those guys," stated Freeman.

All in all, this was another prospect that came away very pleased and impressed with the Noles. Freeman said, "This is one of the better visits I have been on. I'd rate it a 10 because there was nothing negative about it. Before I came some people told me the facilities were behind, but I didn't see that at all. They met and exceeded my expectations in that aspect. In general I cannot complain about anything with this visit. I was very pleased and it was a great time. FSU has always been somewhere in my top 10, but this now puts them for sure in my top 5. I am pretty interested in FSU and I can see myself going there and succeeding."

Now that his third visit is out of the way, Freeman doesn't have any other visits lined up at this time. He tells NoleDigest, "Right now there are no other plans. I may go on a few more unofficials. If I get a long weekend I wouldn't mind heading back to FSU for a game. I am looking at taking my other two visits after the season is over. Right now the front runners to get those visits are Clemson, Tennessee and Florida among others. I just want to compare and contrast these schools. Some coaches are better than others, and I need to find the best fit for me."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with the South Carolina star as we follow the rest of his senior season.

Dalton with his older brother

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