Coach Mickey Andrews talks about the D

Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews spoke with the media Monday afternoon discuss the state of the defense, and what went wrong in the second half against Miami.

For the second time in as many games, the Seminole defense had a second half break down that cost the Seminoles a shot at a victory. After being shut down nearly most of the game, Miami quarterback Kirby Freeman was able to throw to his receivers at will on an 83 yard drive that put the Hurricanes ahead for good in a 37-29 victory.

So just what went wrong for the Seminoles in the second half and on that final drive? "In the second half we had eleven busts, nine on the last drive. How do you figure that? I've got to do a better job of coaching I guess, but we got to do a better job of execution too," Coach Mickey Andrews stated Monday afternoon.

Seeing that most of the busts came on the last drive, FSU showed that they did not have the big defensive play at the right time. "We never forced them into third down. One of our big busts was when they ran a corner route and we should have intercepted the ball. It's over." Andrews added. Mickey was referring to the first play of the drive where Tony Carter claims that he tipped the ball.

On the touchdown pass, mental errors allowed Miami to cross the plane that put them ahead 30-29. "We've got a guy that doesn't line up properly which forces both safeties to run over to where he's supposed to be and they are 5 yards from the people when the ball is snapped."

Along with the line up error a play was made not again. In talking about Roger Williams, Mickey said, "of course it was Roger's fault. He didn't get the ball out. I don't care if he's Jerry Rice, he didn't get the ball out. We are not accountable to the extent to where we need to be to be a good football team."

While there were some lapses on the defense at critical points, the Seminole defense was rather dominant for most of the game. "One third of their offense came on two plays. Every score they got was aided by a penalty and a bust. Three out of four times we made a stop when we were put in a bad position. That fourth down stop was huge." Andrews added.

One more thing that the Noles could have used was the presence of their two tackles Budd Thacker and Andre Fluellen. "There is no doubt in my mind we would have won that game if we had Bud and Andre out there. We should have at least had one of them out there."

Of the 37 points scored by Miami, only ten of those were "truly" given up by the defense. Throughout much of the press conference, Mickey Andrews reiterated the word TEAM over and over again.

"It's not how good you play on one side of the ball, it how good you play as a team. When we play as a team, we are as good as anybody out there. We are still struggling and we need to learn that it is about FSU."

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